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OfficeWorks Kittle Property Group Project Highlight Photos
“We appreciated the OfficeWorks team’s keen eye for design and how they brought input and ideas to the table. We’d tell them what we were looking for, and they would give us options that would fit with what we were thinking.”
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Kittle Property Group Keisha
16 tech headquarters
“It was exciting to partner with OfficeWorks to design our own space, especially since it’s the first time our team has had an office that we own. This allowed us to talk about how we wanted to work as a team and to choose furniture that promotes our ideal culture.”
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HqO at 16 Tech Emily
Valeo Financial Advisors
“When our move-in date changed to later in the year, OfficeWorks provided storage solutions that allowed our employees to take some of their personal items home while storing other items. That made our life easier and saved the day when it came to the delays presented to us.”
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Valeo Financial Advisors John
ron blue trust conference room
“From learning about our goals early on, to checking in with us along the way, OfficeWorks asked the right questions to narrow down our choices. It’s refreshing to have a furniture partner that has walked this road and can guide you through it. Their consultative, focused, and efficient approach made it easy on us.”
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Ronald Blue Trust Sean
TWG exterior image of building
“OfficeWorks went above and beyond to help us visualize, contextualize, and experience the furniture so we felt comfortable with our selections.”
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TWG Headquarters Ken
high alpha bartop
“OfficeWorks helped us think through how beautifully designed furniture can create and define our culture. Much of our floor plan consists of informal spaces defined by furniture, which allows us to focus or collaborate in-person or virtually.”
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High Alpha Amanda
Prolific project highlight hero image office entrance
“OfficeWorks did a great job of encouraging our selections, and the Courage conference room is a perfect example of being bold and executing well. Our intent is that anyone working from that room will be reminded to have courage and take the next step by bringing everything to the table, so there are fun elements within the furniture and throughout the space.”
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Prolific Stephanie
Hub & Spoke Project Highlight from OfficeWorks
“OfficeWorks does a great job of being creative and blending pieces together to achieve a unique, yet cohesive space that fits the budget and timeline. Some of the tenants supplied pieces, so OfficeWorks was flexible and able to coordinate and accommodate the integration of other furniture.”
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Hub & Spoke Briana
A Collection of Experiences: Buckingham Companies
“The turnaround time was impeccable and the experience was wonderful. I’m thankful to OfficeWorks and all of the project team members for their hard work and attention to detail because it shows. Their ability to collaborate and pull this together is really special, and we should all be proud of what we have achieved.”
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Buckingham Companies Lauren
NAMIC office headquarters renovation conference table
“OfficeWorks listened to us and responded with ideas that matched what we had talked about. I loved their presentation, and the drawings were extremely helpful—it was easy to make changes quickly. I trusted OfficeWorks’ recommendations and appreciated their flexibility and constant communication.”
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NAMIC Headquarters Stephen
Orbis Education tables and chairs
“OfficeWorks was great at hearing both what we were and weren’t saying. We appreciated the open communication; we had answers, at most, within an hour and were constantly kept in the loop. It was a huge project with an aggressive timeline-we awarded the bid on Oct. 14 and had furniture at the end of December. OfficeWorks showed us a lot of grace, and the crew installed our furniture extremely efficiently.”
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Orbis Education Emily
“OfficeWorks did a wonderful job of coming up with a great product that serves our needs and offers choices and flexibility. They pulled off a beautiful space within our budget, which is fantastic.”
CBRE Asset Services Lacy
“The longevity of our partnership with OfficeWorks has made a huge difference. Julie and Megan made the process easy and approachable so the folks who were new to the experience didn’t get overwhelmed by choices. A flexible furniture line combined with collaborative people creates a nice process.”
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine John
northwestern mutual lobby
“From the first meeting, we knew we wanted to work with OfficeWorks. The team took on our project as if it were their own office. It was nice to work with partners that were just as excited as we were. It wasn’t a business transaction—it was a fun experience.”
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Northwestern Mutual Leah
Dynamic work environment at an energy company with Herman Miller furniture by Officeworks
“Great customer service is important to us, and that has been an ongoing theme with OfficeWorks. OfficeWorks listens, delivers, and provides constant communication—they make us feel like they’re working with us, not for us. We have fun with them, and that’s a big part of the customer experience”
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Energy Company Project Manager
Trueblood Real Estate new general office area provided by OfficeWorks
“As the owner, when I’m investing a significant amount on furniture, it makes me feel more comfortable having that consistent guidance and ongoing relationship. The service and responsiveness were impeccable. Ashley was a big part of our first year, and I feel like she’s part of the business.”
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Trueblood Real Estate Jim
Travel Agent office renovation, conference room
“We’d describe an idea at the 30,000-square-foot level, and OfficeWorks would lead us down a path to determine what worked best. They did a fantastic job of listening, understanding, and delivering exactly what we envisioned.”
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The Travel Agent Jason
Dawes Fretzin project highlight reception area wide view
“OfficeWorks brought a lot to the table. They worked with us to understand our business, our patients’ needs, and our employees’ needs—how they work, what surfaces and storage they needed and how long they’re sitting at their desks. They also worked really well from a budgetary perspective, making sure they were providing what we wanted within our budget. They visited our other locations to really understand our business needs and then worked with us to find the best result.”
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Dawes Fretzin Amy
Lev Project Highlight: Open entryway wide view
“From the first conversation, they were preemptively answering our questions, and we felt really good about working with them. It was a relief because this was a huge project for us.”
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Lev Amy
IBJ Project Highlight: Conference room
“Our old office was tired and dated, so we’re excited to have an environment everyone is proud to call home. OfficeWorks did a phenomenal job and was a great partner. I would recommend them to anyone in the city.”
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INCPAS Project Highlight: Front Desk
“OfficeWorks is made up of really good listeners. Once we focused on our style and overall direction, they provided us with narrowed-down choices, which made it a lot easier given the number of decisions we were making in a tight time frame. It helped avoid feeling overwhelmed with choices, yet I didn’t feel like our options were limited.”
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Indiana CPA Society Jennifer
MJ Insurance Project Highlight: wide shot of break room area
“The key for any company is to understand what they’re selling. While OfficeWorks is selling a tangible product, they understand it’s much more than that—they’re selling the employee experience and enhancing it. OfficeWorks has that at their core and they let the product be the outcome.”
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MJ Insurance Jon
JLL Project Highlight: wide shot of kitchen and lounge area
“The furniture helped create the statement we wanted to make about ourselves. Colleagues from offices around the country have said it’s the best JLL office they’ve seen, and they’ve seen a lot. That’s a big testament to the design team and OfficeWorks.”
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JLL Adam
Healthcare Project Highlight: exam room
“OfficeWorks was with us in lock step, designing something that really works and seeing it through to the end. On most of our projects, after the facility opens, the users will discover something that needs to be changed. On this project, after we opened the doors—right on time—we didn’t hear anything. Everyone is very happy there.”
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Ambulatory Care Center Kristen
CW Project Highlight: conference room
“The whole team was adaptable and great to work with.”
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Cushman & Wakefield Kristin
Wabash Project Highlight: horseshoe seating lecture space with students and teacher
“OfficeWorks listened to us and, based on their experience, made suggestions to see what would excite and interest the faculty. The experience was wonderful.”
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Wabash College John
“OfficeWorks has been a valued partner to the NCAA since we moved to Indianapolis in 1999. They do a great job of keeping us informed of new market trends and designs that allow us to maintain a fresh look within our office and conference center. Both Larry and Tom take a personal interest in each project and always check in to make sure the projects are on schedule and meet our standards. The entire OfficeWorks team is a pleasure to work with.”
NCAA Mike | Director of Operations
“OfficeWorks has consistently supported my team and demonstrated their commitment to helping Rolls-Royce achieve our business objectives. They do this by delivering high quality product and services solutions for our office environments. Their team approach to design, project management, and installation has enabled me to maximize value for our leadership, minimize impact on our employees, and adhere to budget and timeline constraints across our North American locations.”
Rolls-Royce Matthew | Group Property Business Partner
“OfficeWorks couldn’t be better to work with. The staff is professional, friendly, and fun to work with. Whether the project is big or small they treat it with importance and do what it takes to make sure the end result is the best it can be. The team is super organized and quick to respond. Love working with them and will continue to do so!”
TWG Real Estate Development Anna | Principal
Office Works Yoo Direct Health HERO
“OfficeWorks in collaboration with Parallel Design made the experience of furnishing our space seamless. The OfficeWorks team listened to our needs both functionally and aesthetically and helped us enhance our vision of creating a space where we could take care of people but do it in a fun, modern space that comes to life. Their service was amazing, even willing to find creative ways to be able to test our furniture prior to making a decision. OfficeWorks made what could have been a stressful process of so many decisions, easy and enjoyable.”
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Min Yoo | Chief Operating Officer