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The outcomes of your business depend on people, places, and actions being perfectly aligned to do your best work. At OfficeWorks, we offer more services, an easier process, and an unparalleled collection of products to transform the experience of your work.

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Transform the Experience of Your Work

OfficeWorks newly renovated showroom showcases a range of insight-led settings specifically designed to cater to the diverse work experiences that an office may encounter. Connect with our team to schedule a visit and discover how each setting can transform your work environment

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Office Works Whats New from MK

What's New from MillerKnoll

This year at Design Days, MillerKnoll is introducing 30 new products and product line extensions. Here's a sampling of some of them.

Crossroads Ortho

Crossroads Orthopedics

Crossroads Orthopedics strives to redefine the standards of orthopedic care by ensuring that patients and surgeons experience unparalleled outcomes from advanced technologies and cutting edge solutions. This focus is evident in the renovation of their office facility, an environment that fosters collaboration and comfort for their employees, customers, and suppliers.

Washington Irving School

Teachers' Treasure Donation: Washington Irving School

When Teachers' Treasures reached out to our OfficeWorks team with a donation request for Washington Irving School in Indianapolis, we enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to contribute.

Office Works Estridge Homes Project Highlight

Estridge Homes

Estridge Homes worked with OfficeWorks to bring their vision to life in their new corporate office.

Office Works Website Square Image Quantigen

Quantigen Bioscience

Relocating to a workspace to meet their functional needs.


How do you experience work?

Hopewell’s WX Assessment enables organizations to efficiently gather meaningful data to assess the effectiveness of their policies, tools and place.

What's Your WX?
Eames Turned Stool

Eames Turned Stool

Celebrate timeless craftsmanship with the heirloom-worthy design of the Eames Turned Stool. Discover the story behind decades-old pieces created by modern masters George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames.

WX Assessment

WX Assessment

OfficeWorks accelerates and simplifies technology to speed up a time-consuming process of programming and needs analysis. The end product is a low-cost, repeatable solution that provides insightful data about the preferred working style of your team in a simple to use dashboard.

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Luva Modular Sofa and Cyclade Tables

“In my work, there’s always an element of surprise.” True to his word, designer Gabriel Tan introduces two new products that are designed for modular flexibility, surprising comfort, and sculptural beauty.

OfficeWorks Healthcare Solutions


Furniture and design play a huge role in healthcare facilities today.

Education Solutions from OfficeWorks


We create educational environments for working, studying, and engaging with peers and faculty.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Business

Small businesses move fast. Our Small and Medium Business Program can keep up.


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