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Whether you’re building a new space, renovating an existing one or simply updating and refreshing a work area, each is an exercise steeped in significance. At OfficeWorks, we take this calling seriously. By focusing on each customer’s unique purpose, we create great places to work, learn, and heal.

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Own a True Icon of Modern Design

When the set was introduced in 1956, there was nothing like it. This modern take on a nineteenth century club chair has not only endured for more than 50 years, it has become one of the most significant future designs of the twentieth century.

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OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 is a collection of optimized, essential pieces for a new era in the workplace. It's designed to help people experiment with space, discover what works in the moment, and change rapidly for the future.

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Return on investment: Advancing a financial firm’s brand and culture

Moving to a new building provided a growing financial advisory firm with the opportunity to rethink their workspace and enhance their culture.

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ron blue trust kitchen eating area

Ronald Blue Trust: Building Equity by Design

As a wealth management company, the team at Ronald Blue Trust knows that an office renovation is a big decision. When the Indianapolis office decided to move to a different suite in their building, they called on OfficeWorks to support their vision and furnish their new space.

Ronald Blue Trust Project Highlight
TWG exterior image of building

TWG Headquarters: Assembling a new environment

TWG called on longtime partner OfficeWorks to furnish their 30,000-square-foot headquarters, along with a community room and rooftop available for employees as well as residents of the facility’s 132 housing units.

TWG Headquarters Project Highlight
sulaco hero image outside look at the building

Sulaco - An Office to Everywhere Story

A fictitious organization created by Herman Miller for customers who want to see how they can prepare for a new era of work, Sulaco allows staff to be fully engaged and productive from any number of locations, including in the office, community spaces, and at home.

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yulio g bloc virtual reality overhead view

Yulio: Immerse Yourself into a Future Space with Virtual Reality

What if there was a way to see a fully furnished, finished office space before even stepping foot into the building? With OfficeWorks’ guidance, G BLOC Modern Live + Work used Yulio VR to see its commercial office space fully furnished before construction was even complete.

Discover the Power of Yulio
framery one green booth

Framery One: The World's First Connected Soundproof Booth

Framery One is not only stylish and super smart, it is a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions and can enjoy best-in-class design while you focus on your next project.

Step Into Framery One
New products from HAY and OfficeWorks

New HAY Products that Transform Any Space

HAY reimagined staple pieces like chairs and sofas and breathed new life and purpose into them through its new, featured products. See how HAY can transform spaces, one beautiful piece at a time.

New HAY Products
Design within reach couch with coffee table and storage product in background

Beautiful Design Within Your Reach

As lines between work and home life continue to blur, DWR makes a continuous effort to provide furniture that turn the office into a destination. Complete your office with the authentic, modern, quality designs of Design Within Reach.

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Full view of the dining table and eating area in OfficeWorks office

Our Furniture Studio

We believe our new studio declares a purpose, addresses our business priorities, such as hiring and retaining great people, and expresses our culture.

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OfficeWorks Healthcare Solutions


Furniture and design play a huge role in healthcare facilities today.

Education Solutions from OfficeWorks


We create educational environments for working, studying, and engaging with peers and faculty.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Business

Small businesses move fast. Our Small and Medium Business Program can keep up.


What’s Getting in the Way of Productivity

Working from home has become the new normal for many, but that comes with challenges like discomfort, distractions, and lack of resources that can hinder productivity. OfficeWorks has the tools to ensure employees are remaining healthy and productive while working from home.

Improve Work From Home Productivity
Microbecare application in high alpha conference room

Keep your employees & office safe from viruses and infections. It’s easy.

MicrobeCare is a unique, patented, EPA and FDA approved antimicrobial solution that protects against 99% of viruses, infections and mold in highly sensitive healthcare and office environments. Protection can last up to seven years through an easy and straightforward process.

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Naughtone large table with chairs and other seating

With a wide selection of products and brands available, we've highlighted some that feed inspiration while providing options for each customer's unique purpose.

Featured Products & Brands

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