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Whether you’re building a new space, renovating an existing one or simply updating and refreshing a work area, each is an exercise steeped in significance. At OfficeWorks, we take this calling seriously. By focusing on each customer’s unique purpose, we create great places to work, learn, and heal.

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Full view of the dining table and eating area in OfficeWorks office

Our Furniture Studio

We believe our new studio declares a purpose, addresses our business priorities, such as hiring and retaining great people, and expresses our culture.

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Furniture for Everyday Life

HAY is inspired by the realities of life today, in which traditional divides between personal and professional space are more fluid. HAY products offer a fresh take on the simple objects that are part of our everyday life.

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Your Local Resource for All Things Work From Home

To help you create the ideal working environment in your home, OfficeWorks Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, Logan Cooper, has put together a list of his favorite products for your home office.

Ergonomic Work from Home Solutions
NAMIC office headquarters renovation conference table

Striking a balance: NAMIC Headquarters Reflects Thoughtful Approach

A trade association for property/casualty insurance firms, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) needed to update its Indianapolis headquarters. NAMIC engaged OfficeWorks to help them meet their objectives.

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Orbis Education tables and chairs

OfficeWorks Project Highlight: Orbis Education

Orbis Education started with just three employees in 2003 and has grown to more than 200 at its Indianapolis headquarters. In short order, Orbis needed a larger space to accommodate their rapid growth.

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CBRE Tenant Lounge

Taking care of tenants: Amenity lounge provides a fresh space to relax, focus, and collaborate

Located on the northwest side of suburban Indianapolis, the five-story 10 Fortune Park office building needed an upgrade to its tenant lounge. CBRE engaged OfficeWorks to furnish an environment that helps them attract and retain tenants and their employees.

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OfficeWorks Safe Office

Six Feet of Separation: Preparing our Safe Office

With the continuously evolving COVID-19 outbreak, the practice of social distancing isn’t going away any time soon. At OfficeWorks, we formed a Safe Office Team to lead our office reconfiguration efforts using the principles of design.

Our Safe Office
Framery single person pod in office

Framery: Serious About Happiness

Framery provides a unique solution to drowning out the daily noises of a busy office. Make employees happier and more productive by holding your next meeting in Framery’s soundproof pods, phone booths, and private spaces.

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Maharam hero image, office space with tables and chairs

Maharam - Advancing the Means of Expression

Since 1902, Maharam has been advancing the means of expression through vibrant, versatile textiles. In partnership with Herman Miller, Maharam offers over 200 textiles, representing over 2,000 different combinations to fit your space.

Magis modern office with desk and chairs

Magis: Pushing the Boundaries of Design

For more than 40 years Magis has been creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces. Magis has grown to become a global design player staying true to one core value: pushing the boundaries of design. Push the boundaries of your office space with Magis.

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Space Planning and Design

Space Planning and Design

We help you create work environments that establish your brand, fit your culture, and make your people happy.

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OfficeWorks serves the Healthcare Market


Furniture and design play a huge role in healthcare facilities today.

OfficeWorks Education Market


We create educational environments for working, studying, and engaging with peers and faculty.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Business

Small businesses move fast. Our Small and Medium Business Program can keep up.

George Nelson Quote from 1948

Top 5 George Nelson Contributions to the Herman Miller Collection

For the Herman Miller Collection, meaning comes from the affinity of our designers and partners to the ideals of George Nelson, creator of the first Herman Miller Collection in 1948.

Top 5 by George Nelson
COVID solutions social distancing desks

Returning to the Office Solutions

Feeling safe and healthy at work is crucial to the productivity and well-being of employees and clients. OfficeWorks' COVID-19 products and design solutions provide businesses a safe path of return to their workplaces and peace of mind for their greatest asset, their employees.

COVID 19 Solutions
Naughtone large table with chairs and other seating

Featured Products and Brands

With a wide selection of products and brands available, we've highlighted some that feed inspiration while providing options for each customer's unique purpose.

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