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Eight Eleven Group: Shaping the future with a full circle moment

Eight Eleven Group’s Indianapolis headquarters emphasize a foundation of relationships

Eight Eleven Group HERO

811 Broad Ripple Avenue. That’s where a small group of entrepreneurs started Eight Eleven Group in 2000, determined to connect the best talent with companies looking for future leaders. Over time, Eight Eleven Group moved from the space that inspired their name, creating three divisions and expanding to 35 locations around the U.S.

As Eight Eleven Group expanded, their Indianapolis headquarters outgrew their existing space, eventually occupying seven different suites in two different buildings. The time was right for the Eight Eleven Group team to position themselves for the future while reconnecting with their past.

Prioritizing partnerships

For their new headquarters, Eight Eleven Group went back to where it all began—Indianapolis’ Broad Ripple Village—and built a 55,000-square-foot, five-story building that brought everyone under one roof. The team chose OfficeWorks to furnish their new location.

“We knew we needed to take this to the next level, on a lot of different facets,” said Mike Cole, managing broker, Terra Real Estate. “We interviewed several furniture companies, but OfficeWorks brought expertise in space planning and layout. Of high importance to me was hiring a partner who brought a strategic perspective to this project, as well as to Eight Eleven’s offices across the country. I could buy commercial furniture from a number of people, but it was that service, from soup to nuts, that really put OfficeWorks over the edge.”

Ashley Reddington, account executive at OfficeWorks, said the relationship with Eight Eleven Group enhanced the experience of working on their headquarters.

“OfficeWorks and Eight Eleven Group understood each other’s processes and trusted each other’s guidance throughout the process,” she said.

Cohesive and connected

Eight Eleven Group’s new building provided a clean slate for creating a space that worked for them and enhanced their brand.

“We thought through how each space would be used, who would use it, and how that might change in the future,” Ashley said.

To address the specific needs of their clients, Eight Eleven Group has three divisions—Brooksource, MedaSource, and CalculatedHire—each occupying separate floors at the new headquarters. The design approach and space layout promote consistency across each division—for example, spaces for morning huddles on each floor. Yet the furniture also offers flexibility, so team members can use spaces and furniture in ways that work for them.

“The design is clean and precise, so we selected finishes and materials that enhance the architecture,” Ashley said. “We recommended Herman Miller’s Layout Studio because of the simplicity of the workstations. You don’t see any cords because they’re integrated through a beam in the middle. The seamless design is consistent with Eight Eleven Group’s brand and how they work.”

The Layout Studio system also supports Eight Eleven Group’s focus on collaboration. When team members need privacy, they access focus rooms featuring lounge chairs and ottomans.

“We featured Herman Miller furniture in this headquarters because we want it to be a staple when people come in for recruiting,” Mike said. “We also appreciated how OfficeWorks understood our needs and were open to incorporating other pieces to create a happy medium.”

The fifth floor features the Legacy Lounge, which opens to a rooftop terrace and is dedicated to all the employees who have been with Eight Eleven Group for 20 years. Pieces like the HAY Palissade Chair contribute to the indoor/outdoor lounge atmosphere.

Seamless transition

OfficeWorks’ Workplace Services team provided move coordination for Eight Eleven Group, which included taking inventory of product in the previous spaces.

As part of the inventory process, the Workplace Services team sells, recycles, and donates existing furniture. For Eight Eleven Group’s Indianapolis office, some of their pieces were sold, helping raise money for the company’s foundation. Other pieces were donated to Teachers’ Treasures, a nonprofit organization that obtains and distributes school supplies free to Marion County teachers of students in need. The result is consistent with one of Eight Eleven Group’s core values, service.

For other Eight Eleven Group projects around the country, OfficeWorks and Herman Miller have kept 30 tons of furniture from going to landfills.

OfficeWorks’ Workplace Services also contracted and coordinated with movers to decommission Eight Eleven Group’s previous Indianapolis spaces and move into their new building. Eight Eleven Group had one week to vacate their existing offices, and OfficeWorks and the movers accomplished it in three days.

“Through OfficeWorks’ coordination of removing old product and delivering new product, we received white-glove service,” Mike said.

“We had a quick turnaround time and more than 60 workstations to decommission,” said Daphne Jensen, workplace services coordinator at OfficeWorks. “The effective communication and organization skills of the Workplace Services team combined with the ease of working with Eight Eleven Group made it a great experience.”

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