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Client Testimonials

At OfficeWorks, we've spent more than 37 years creating great places to work, learn, and heal. Hear what our clients have to say about working with us.

“We appreciated the OfficeWorks team’s keen eye for design and how they brought input and ideas to the table. We’d tell them what we were looking for, and they would give us options that would fit with what we were thinking.”
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Kittle Property Group Keisha
“It was exciting to partner with OfficeWorks to design our own space, especially since it’s the first time our team has had an office that we own. This allowed us to talk about how we wanted to work as a team and to choose furniture that promotes our ideal culture.”
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HqO at 16 Tech Emily
“When our move-in date changed to later in the year, OfficeWorks provided storage solutions that allowed our employees to take some of their personal items home while storing other items. That made our life easier and saved the day when it came to the delays presented to us.”
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Valeo Financial Advisors John
“From learning about our goals early on, to checking in with us along the way, OfficeWorks asked the right questions to narrow down our choices. It’s refreshing to have a furniture partner that has walked this road and can guide you through it. Their consultative, focused, and efficient approach made it easy on us.”
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Ronald Blue Trust Sean
“OfficeWorks went above and beyond to help us visualize, contextualize, and experience the furniture so we felt comfortable with our selections.”
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TWG Headquarters Ken
“OfficeWorks helped us think through how beautifully designed furniture can create and define our culture. Much of our floor plan consists of informal spaces defined by furniture, which allows us to focus or collaborate in-person or virtually.”
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High Alpha Amanda
“OfficeWorks did a great job of encouraging our selections, and the Courage conference room is a perfect example of being bold and executing well. Our intent is that anyone working from that room will be reminded to have courage and take the next step by bringing everything to the table, so there are fun elements within the furniture and throughout the space.”
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Prolific Stephanie
“OfficeWorks does a great job of being creative and blending pieces together to achieve a unique, yet cohesive space that fits the budget and timeline. Some of the tenants supplied pieces, so OfficeWorks was flexible and able to coordinate and accommodate the integration of other furniture.”
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Hub & Spoke Briana
“The turnaround time was impeccable and the experience was wonderful. I’m thankful to OfficeWorks and all of the project team members for their hard work and attention to detail because it shows. Their ability to collaborate and pull this together is really special, and we should all be proud of what we have achieved.”
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Buckingham Companies Lauren
“OfficeWorks listened to us and responded with ideas that matched what we had talked about. I loved their presentation, and the drawings were extremely helpful—it was easy to make changes quickly. I trusted OfficeWorks’ recommendations and appreciated their flexibility and constant communication.”
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NAMIC Headquarters Stephen