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Ronald Blue Trust: Building Equity by Design

As a wealth management company, the team at Ronald Blue Trust knows that an office renovation is a big decision. Like any investment, it requires thinking about the future and setting meaningful goals. When the Indianapolis office decided to move to a different suite in their building, they called on OfficeWorks to support their vision and furnish their new space.

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The vision: Improving the experience

Ronald Blue Trust had multiple goals, from aesthetics to adaptability to how space was allocated. According to Sean Mansell, manager of branch operations for the company’s Indianapolis location, a key objective was to democratize their environment.

“In our previous suite, advisors’ private offices were located around the perimeter and workstations had higher walls, limiting both access to natural lighting and views to the outside,” he said.

Along with improving the experience for every employee, Ronald Blue Trust sought to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for clients.

“We regularly invite clients into our space and wanted them to see that there’s more to us than the advisors they’re meeting with—there’s a larger organization with a family culture,” Sean said. In addition, the firm saw opportunities to increase the flexibility and functionality of their conference room and workstations.

The process: Streamlining decision making

Through discussions with Ronald Blue Trust and collaboration with the designer, OfficeWorks developed a thorough understanding of priorities that inspired their recommendations.

“From learning about our goals early on, to checking in with us along the way, OfficeWorks asked the right questions to narrow down our choices,” Sean said. “It’s refreshing to have a furniture partner that has walked this road and can guide you through it. Their consultative, focused, and efficient approach made it easy on us.”

That approach also included facilitating a design charette at the OfficeWorks showroom.

“That was one of the most fun meetings I’ve ever attended,” said Felissa King, who leads hospitality and first impressions for the Indianapolis office of Ronald Blue Trust. “From the functionality to the color, design, and texture, we got to see everything come together. OfficeWorks grasped our desired aesthetic and hit the nail on the head.”

“I appreciated how the team trusted our recommendations and how excited they were about their new space,” said Camille Inchauste, OfficeWorks' account executive.

The outcomes: Blending comfort with function

Ronald Blue Trust’s new environment creates a comfortable atmosphere based on a “resimercial” concept (residential + commercial). Visitors are greeted with an inviting gathering area and views to a large conference room enclosed with movable glass walls.

“Before, we were limited in the number of people we could fit in our conference room,” Sean said. “Now we can expand the space into the gathering area for staff meetings and special events.”

In addition to having flexible walls, the room features furniture that can easily be reconfigured.

“All our tables are modular, including the beautiful conference room table,” Felissa said. “It’s just one example of how OfficeWorks accomplished our goals in a functional and visually pleasing way.”

To address the need for both comfort and durability, OfficeWorks recommended Eames Executive chairs for the conference room.

“OfficeWorks found a material that looked great on the iconic chairs and fit within our price point,” Sean said. “Whether it was thinking creatively about fabrics or customizing certain pieces, they helped us accomplish our objectives while also meeting our budget.”

Employees’ workstations and offices now feature height-adjustable desks and are arranged to make natural lighting accessible to all.

“The workstations are located by the windows, and the private offices feature glass walls,” Sean said. “The height of the workstations provides a happy medium that gives people exterior views when they’re standing and privacy when seated.”

For Felissa, it has been encouraging to see people use the furniture as intended, from clients naturally gravitating toward seating areas to staff eating lunch in the gathering area.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” she said. “The gathering space is the most noticeable area where we’ve seen engagement, and that’s in large part due to how the furniture is set up. OfficeWorks really thought through how to maximize the space so it looks great and works well.”

“We have a strong culture, so we wanted to make sure our space enhanced that,” Sean added. “As people come into the office, it has been nice to see them take pride in it how bright and open it is. They appreciate the functionality of their workspaces and are excited about coming to work. A lot of thought went into what we selected, so it’s rewarding to have that validated and appreciated by clients and staff.”

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