Fostering connections: Tech firm’s new headquarters accommodate growth and collaboration

With a goal of increasing its presence in Indianapolis and hiring 70 employees in 2019 alone, marketing technology consulting firm Lev had ambitious expansion plans, but little room to grow. Moving into a space in Regions Tower in downtown Indianapolis, Lev engaged OfficeWorks to furnish an expanded environment that advanced the employee experience.

Lev Project Highlight: Open entryway wide view

Bigger office, big choices

While Lev’s move addressed their critical need for more square footage, the team also wanted a collaborative atmosphere with a variety of places for people to work.

“That’s why we went with OfficeWorks,” said Alison Hurley, executive partner at Lev. “From the first conversation, they were preemptively answering our questions, and we felt really good about working with them. It was a relief because this was a huge project for us.”

For their new office, Lev knew they would probably continue to use “desk hoteling”— unassigned workplaces to accommodate people who primarily work outside of the office. “It felt like a mysterious challenge, because we want people to feel comfortable and like they have their own environment,” Alison said. “OfficeWorks provided data that was extremely helpful in determining what type of furniture we could bring in to achieve that goal.”

In addition to moving to a new location, Lev had recently introduced a new corporate identity. “We shared our color palette and our value proposition to help communicate who we are and what we wanted our space to look like,” Alison said.

Room for all, and room to grow

To accommodate different roles and ways of working, Lev’s new space includes a blend of zones and flexible furniture types. Depending on each person’s role, some workstations are assigned, and some are open for anyone to use. With “focus rooms” as well as a large social hub with movable furniture, Lev’s new home includes areas for both privacy and interaction.

“The recommendations OfficeWorks made were incredible,” Alison said. “Throughout the process, I felt like I could trust them to get us what we needed.”

Considering Lev’s plans for growth, OfficeWorks provided options that met the design vision and the budget while allowing Lev to scale up later. In addition, OfficeWorks integrated quality repurposed elements into the design to provide the desired look and feel in a cost-effective manner.

“Knowing Lev will continue to evolve and expand, we were mindful of the furniture we recommended and provided ideas for them to consider as they grow,” said Camille Inchauste, OfficeWorks’ account executive.

Creating positive experiences

Both Alison and Camille enjoyed the experience of creating Lev’s new space.

“It was fun working with Alison, her team, and the designers,” said Camille. “I appreciated how excited Lev was about their space and how they stuck to their overall vision.”

“I enjoyed the process and I learned a lot more about office furniture and what goes into it—it’s not just where you sit your laptop,” Alison said.

Lev’s resulting office speaks to who they are and how they work, taking inspiration from their new branding and providing ample settings for employee engagement and collaboration.

“We love the space and the furniture, and we’ve found people who like to work from home are coming into the office more often,” Alison said. “We walked in on day one and were able to feel comfortable and settled in our new home.”

Project Team

Architect: DKGR

Photographer: Rick Tryon at RRT Photo + Video

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