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Supporting Strategic Growth with Prolific

Prolific focuses on helping brands maximize their revenue, impact and relevancy. They applied that same approach to the design of their office. Each decision was made with intention so that the interiors captured and advanced their brand.

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After marketing and communications agency JDA Worldwide announced the launch of their parent company, Prolific, they needed a space that would accommodate growth, increase collaboration, and embody the firm’s brand. A strategic growth and consulting firm, Prolific relocated from Carmel to downtown Indianapolis and engaged a longtime partner, OfficeWorks, to help achieve their vision.

A foundation of partnering

Prolific focuses on helping brands maximize their revenue, impact and relevancy. They applied that same approach to the design of their office. Each decision was made with intention so that the interiors captured and advanced their brand.

“We wanted an engaging environment that spoke to who we are and that made our team, partners and guests feel welcomed and excited to be here,” said Stephanie Meyer, ethos + logistics manager, Prolific. “Our partnership with OfficeWorks was extremely valuable because they have a history with us and understand we are willing to spend time and take the extra step to make sure we execute well.”

That understanding meant providing ideas and insights for furniture selections that were true to Prolific’s brand standards. OfficeWorks combined one-of-a-kind pieces with classic furnishings that stood the test of time, much like the workstations OfficeWorks had selected for their previous location and were able to integrate into the new space.

Capturing the brand

According to Camille Inchauste, account executive, OfficeWorks, Prolific’s choices reflect the uniqueness of the company, from the custom furniture to the approach to workstations.

“You feel their culture the moment you step off the elevator,” Camille said. “They have done an exceptional job at having their space communicate who they are.”

Given the nature of Prolific’s work, collaboration was a key consideration of the project. After touring other offices, Prolific chose to introduce strategy group collaboration areas for their teams. Each of the four areas feature a private office for the team leader, workstations for six team members, a central table, and media screen.

“Our team members have their own desks to do heads-down work but can easily utilize their central table space to meet with others in their strategy group,” Stephanie said. “These areas, our multiple conference rooms, and our pub area provide a variety of opportunities for collaboration and socialization.”

“The Prolific team was progressive in terms of their thought process toward the project,” Camille said. “The layout of their workstations is unique and required some creativity to execute. The results create a whole different experience that will support Prolific’s recruitment efforts.”

Another distinctive aspect of the office is the custom furniture. Prolific and OfficeWorks partnered with Purposeful Design to create five tables—one in the library and four for the leadership offices. The tables support Purposeful Design’s mission of rebuilding lives, and they add interest to Prolific’s space.

Creating an experience

Megan Minnich, senior designer, OfficeWorks, noted that Prolific’s interior design and furniture create an impactful experience for visiting guests.

“Prolific’s new office is geared toward both who they are and who they want to attract,” Megan said. “All of the details make the office purposeful and awe-inspiring to visit.”

A stand-out area of the office is a conference room awash with lapis blue, one of the shades in Prolific’s color palette.

“OfficeWorks did a great job of encouraging our selections, and the Courage conference room is a perfect example of being bold and executing well,” Stephanie said. “Our intent is that anyone working from that room will be reminded to have courage and take the next step by bringing everything to the table, so there are fun elements within the furniture and throughout the space.”

The monochromatic theme of the room called for a custom table. OfficeWorks recommended the Nucraft Crossbeam conference table, and Megan collaborated with Nucraft’s design team to create the custom-painted glass and wood application.

“When we told the Prolific team that no one had ever done this before, that was exciting to them,” Megan said. “The table, finishes, and fabrics in that room were critical because of the experience they wanted to create.”

“When the table came in, it was just as beautiful as we had hoped,” Camille added. “Prolific is a fun and creative client open to pushing the boundaries. It’s fulfilling and inspiring to work with clients who share a passion for doing things differently.”

Project team:
Interior Design: Parallel Design Group

Photos: Parallel Design