Washington Irving School

When Teachers' Treasures reached out to our OfficeWorks team with a donation request for Washington Irving School in Indianapolis, we enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to contribute.

Office Works Washington Irving School HERO

“We are grateful to the Workplace Services Team at OfficeWorks for supporting our school with donated office furniture. We were uncertain where to turn for help. After learning from Teachers' Treasures about OfficeWorks’ commitment to their organization, I contacted Patty Clark and Daphne Jensen for help. They jumped into action by matching us with Eight Eleven Group, an OfficeWorks client that was vacating several office suites. Patty and Daphne managed the inventory and the decommissioning for us. Thanks to their team’s generosity and exemplary coordination, we now have a well-furnished workspace that will undoubtedly enhance the learning and working experience for everyone at our school. The impact of your donation extends far beyond just physical furniture; it fosters an environment of support and growth, and we are genuinely grateful for that.”

- Ross Pippens, Near Eastside Innovation School Corporation Executive Director