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A customizable space for customizing travel
Like many industries, the travel agency business has experienced significant changes. The Travel Agent, a firm that focuses on “customizing global experiences in travel,” wanted a space that reinforced its brand evolution and supported its unique approach to client relationships. When their lease was due to expire, it opened a door to a new location and a dramatically different environment.

Travel Agent office renovation, conference room

Defining the destination

On the cusp of the company’s 40th anniversary, The Travel Agent team launched a marketing effort to better articulate their identity and what they wanted to achieve.

“As part of that process, we also looked at what kind of space we needed,” said Vali Wolfe, vice president of operations, The Travel Agent. “We had a vision of an open concept that accommodated both one-on-one meetings and events like cocktail parties and seminars.”

The Travel Agent engaged OfficeWorks to furnish their new environment. After gaining an understanding of The Travel Agent’s goals, OfficeWorks then explored solutions that fit within their budget.

“We’d describe an idea at the 30,000-square-foot level, and OfficeWorks would lead us down a path to determine what worked best,” said Jason Reed, vice president of business development, The Travel Agent. “They did a fantastic job of listening, understanding, and delivering exactly what we envisioned.”

Blue-sky thinking

The Travel Agent’s new office has floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing natural light views of a pond and green space—features that their team didn’t want interrupted by walls.

“We had this crazy idea of a conference room made of glass and completely open,” Jason said. “When we first started getting construction quotes, it wasn’t close to what we could afford. OfficeWorks heard about our idea and suggested the NxtWall feature, which fell within our budget. Everyone who visits comments on how great it looks.”

Jason noted that NxtWall is just one example of how OfficeWorks suggested flexible features that helped meet the project goals.

“As I look at the furniture, there’s nothing that is only used one way,” he said. “Our 20-person conference table looks like one unit but is actually made up of three tables that can easily be moved and reconfigured. Our high-top tables are great for collaborating during the day, and in the evening, become our bar and cocktail tables. With everything we did, we explained our vision, who we are, and what we do, and OfficeWorks found furniture to match it.”

OfficeWorks also provided a new product that powered the conference room table without having to trench the floor, saving money.

“We were glad we could provide products that met their needs while allowing them to invest in other areas,” said Camille Inchauste, OfficeWorks’ account executive.

“Our multi-purpose office allows us to create fresh experiences for our clients, and it was all within our budget, which was pretty amazing,” Vali said. “When it came to schedule, I have never worked with a company who pulled it off like OfficeWorks. The installation team was really something to watch, almost like a symphony. From beginning to end, it was a pleasant experience and above my expectations.”

Elevating the experience

In addition to meeting their goals for flexibility, The Travel Agent’s new space achieves an atmosphere the team describes as “modern comfort.”

“It’s a different feel than I’ve ever experienced,” Vali said. “Our world is tech-driven but we still want that human touch, and we’ve achieved that with our space. You walk in the door, and you get it.”

“Our clients are looking for an elevated, custom travel experience, so we think our office and our furniture reflect that,” Jason said. “When they enter our space, they immediately know they’re going to have an elevated experience.”

In their first month in the new office, The Travel Agent hosted three events that they had always wanted to provide but didn’t have the space to do so.

“I walk in every day in awe of our space and probably always will,” Vali said. “Our pie-in-the sky dream became reality, and OfficeWorks was instrumental in helping us get there.”

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Interior Design: Schott Design

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