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High Alpha: Taking tech and workspace to the next level

Building on a longstanding relationship, High Alpha engaged OfficeWorks to furnish their space located in the iconic and transformative Bottleworks district.

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A venture studio that creates and funds software-as-a-service companies, High Alpha approached the relocation of their corporate headquarters with one overall goal in mind: to create a special work environment that paid dividends for both High Alpha and the city of Indianapolis for years to come.

“We planned to give our team and portfolio companies a variety of work environments that met a multitude of needs while also building a gathering place for the Indianapolis tech community,” said Amanda Carroll, executive assistant & real estate manager, High Alpha.

Furnishing a new model for entrepreneurship

Before diving into design, OfficeWorks took the time to fully understand High Alpha’s objectives for their unique business model.

“In addition to our core internal team, our venture studio houses more than 10 unique technology startups that expand rapidly,” Amanda said. “OfficeWorks helped us realize that, although our studio companies are ever-changing, it’s possible to satisfy a range of working styles through flexible furniture and floor plans.”

The startup suites are located on the third floor of the building, with High Alpha occupying the fourth and fifth floors. According to Brittany King, OfficeWorks account executive, the business model provided a unique opportunity for the team.

“We were not only addressing High Alpha’s vision for their space but also creating a canvas for their portfolio companies to come in and make the suites their own,” Brittany said. “We made each suite as functional as possible so they can plug in and get started. We also toned down the finishes in those areas to create more of a neutral palette.”

Finding a balance between collaboration and quiet

Throughout the design process, High Alpha kept three tenets in mind: creating open workspaces that foster collaboration for both in-person and hybrid workers, closed spaces that foster privacy and focus time, and social spaces dedicated to hospitality and community building.

“OfficeWorks helped us think through how beautifully designed furniture can create and define our culture,” Amanda said. “Much of our floor plan consists of informal spaces defined by furniture, which allows us to focus or collaborate in-person or virtually.”

Their neighborhood layout is the ultimate example of High Alpha’s collaborative workspace.

“OfficeWorks joined forces with us to build a modern and creative take on the traditional, department-based office arrangement,” Amanda said. “Each neighborhood is brought to life by an accent color and includes individual workstations, soft seating, and bar-height tables that serve as standing desks or islands of collaboration. In addition, each neighborhood includes a conference room, two call rooms, and a private office, assuring that teams always have space for private and group conversations.”

On each floor, thoughtfully chosen pieces meet High Alpha’s needs for functionality with details that capture their vision for a special work environment.

“The portfolio floor includes fun Framery phone booths arranged in a gradient from white to blue,” Brittany said. “The executive conference room features a Geiger Axon table outfitted for technology, which is perfect for High Alpha. It’s designed to grow with the times, and it’s beautiful.”

Staying true to core values

High Alpha’s new space also communicates their core values of Dream Big, Move Fast, and Expect More. These values came into play throughout the project process, from adapting to COVID-19 to taking High Alpha’s environment to the next level.

“Our jaw-dropping spaces are the result of dreaming big,” Amanda said. “When COVID-19 hit at the tail end of our design process, the team moved quickly to tailor our space to support both in-person and hybrid work and events. And you can’t help but be energized and expect more of yourself while inside the building. It’s truly an inspiring environment that will be a reminder of our core values for years to come.”

For OfficeWorks, the High Alpha project was an ideal opportunity for living their values, as well, from delighting customers to building a better community.

“I loved working on this project, from the very first meeting with High Alpha to finally seeing the resulting space,” Brittany said. “High Alpha’s new space combines form, beauty, and function. It really exudes their brand and what it contributes to the Bottleworks district and Indianapolis as a whole.”

“The OfficeWorks team played a critical role in bringing the new High Alpha headquarters to life,” Amanda said. “We’re grateful for their hard work and dedication and how it has enabled us to achieve our goal for our work environment.”

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Architect and Interior Design: DKGR