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From startup to standout: Trueblood Real Estate’s new office advances growth and goals

When Jim Trueblood started his brokerage, Trueblood Real Estate, he wanted a vibrant, modern office environment that captured the fun, tech-savvy culture of his new company while supporting the needs of today’s home buyer.

“We wanted something that people remembered,” Jim said. “Something that was different than a typical real estate office.” The firm engaged OfficeWorks to furnish their headquarters in Fishers’ Nickel Plate District.

Trueblood Real Estate new general office area provided by OfficeWorks

Understanding the goals

According to Jim, Trueblood Real Estate chose OfficeWorks because “they understood us from the beginning.”

“When it comes to furniture, we don’t know what we don’t know, so we appreciated how OfficeWorks guided us through the process,” added Dan O'Brien, realtor at Trueblood Real Estate.

Ashley Stanton, OfficeWorks account executive, worked closely with the Trueblood team and the project’s interior designer to select options that met the brokerage’s goals for a collaborative environment while providing flexibility for their continued growth.

“While we’re all independent agents, it’s a team environment,” Dan said. “We wanted an open concept so our agents can engage with each other. Ashley did a great job selecting furniture that supported that dynamic.”

Creating memorable experiences

With height-adjustable workspaces, pod workstations, private offices, and two conference rooms, the office includes a variety of furniture to accommodate the firm’s many ways of working. In addition, the bar and open-office layout work well for after-hour client events.

“OfficeWorks steered us toward opportunities to save and opportunities to splurge,” Dan said. “As a result, we could be budget-conscious while also providing nice, standout pieces for people.”

One of those standout pieces is the Framery phone booth.

“There can be 40 or 50 agents in the office at any time, and with such an open space, we needed to have some quiet places,” Dan said. “The Framery is a sleek, modern-looking show piece that allows agents to pop in and out to make private phone calls. Some of our visitors have even used it as a photo booth and have posted about it on social media. It’s just another example of a feature that’s functional, yet also unique, fun, and memorable.”

Dan added that everyone who visits the office comments about the space, from the punches of Trueblood’s brand colors to the fun touches, like the Spun chairs that help alleviate some of the inherent stress of the real estate industry.

“We wanted the space to be memorable, and we accomplished that,” he said.

Building a rewarding partnership

Jim said OfficeWorks’ service has exceeded his expectations.

“As the owner, when I’m investing a significant amount on furniture, it makes me feel more comfortable having that consistent guidance and ongoing relationship,” he said. “The service and responsiveness were impeccable. Ashley was a big part of our first year, and I feel like she’s part of the business.”

“I appreciate the fact that every decision was purposeful, down to the details, and that it was a true partnership,” Ashley said. “It’s been exciting to watch the company grow and to see our furniture working well for them.”

Trueblood Real Estate grew from 22 to 70 agents in its first year and has plans to add more offices and agents in the years to come.

“Our growth was more than anyone expected,” Jim said. “There’s a number of reasons for that growth, but the office was huge in communicating our credibility and supporting our recruiting efforts. My philosophy was to make a statement, and I think we did it. We wouldn’t be where we are without this office.”

Design team

Interior Design: Schott Design

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