The Future of Work

What’s Getting in the Way of Productivity

Working from home has become the new normal for many. But, working from home comes with challenges like discomfort, distractions, and lack of resources that can hinder productivity. OfficeWorks has the tools to ensure employees are remaining healthy and productive while working from home.

Create Healthy and Productive Home Offices

The work from home experience is different for everyone. Companies should continuously strive to help people stay healthy and productive, no matter where they are working. Megan Lyon, Chief Strategy Officer for Herman Miller, lists four aspects of the future of work that can improve health, comfort, functionality, and productivity while working from home.

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Ensure Ergonomic Comfort

Home offices have their perks. But when it comes to comfort, nothing beats a sit-to-stand desk and an ergonomic office chair.

Performance Task Chairs
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Keep People Connected

Ensure employees have the right technology to stay connected regardless of if they work in the office, at home, in a satellite office, or even a coffee shop.

Technology Accessories
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Optimizing Environmental Conditions

Having good lighting and comfortable temperatures in a workspace may seem like small details, but they can impact comfort and productivity while working.

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Work Life Balance

Working from home can be hard for ensuring good work-life balance, because there isn't a strict separation between work and home. For some, the home office could be in the same space where the kids do homework and the family sits down for dinner.

Work Life Balance with Sulaco

The Future of Work: Working from Home

A one size fits all approach to fulfilling all of these needs is not realistic. OfficeWorks has the tools to help figure out what is right for any team, regardless of work location. Employees will be most productive when they feel empowered to identify what they need most in order to thrive whether that be furniture, technology, or intangibles like work life balance. Companies should ensure everyone has access to the people and tools they need to be successful by creating productive work environments both at home and in the office that prioritize comfort, functionality, and limited distractions.

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