Sulaco - An Office to Everywhere Story

A fictitious organization created by MillerKnoll for customers who want to see how they can prepare for a new era of work, Sulaco allows staff to be fully engaged and productive from any number of locations, including in the office, community spaces, and at home.

Welcome to Sulaco

Sulaco - a fictitious organization created by MillerKnoll based on customers who are ready for a new era of work - embraces a robust distributive work model. This allows staff to be fully engaged and productive from any number of locations, including in the office, community spaces, and at home.

From public plazas, desking solutions, and communal gathering areas to equitable work from home solutions, the project supports the complete network of places where work happens.



Today’s challenges require workspaces to meet the needs of employees while anticipating and welcoming change. Co-working spaces, solo, and group settings must be able to adapt to allow for effective collaboration and communication in small and large group settings. Data can be gathered and organized to inform how the landscape needs to adapt. This allows workspaces to quickly be reconfigured to meet the organizations’ goals and ensure each person has the right tools to perform at their highest level.



By adopting well-being initiatives in the planning of the office landscape, organizations can create workspaces that support happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Workspaces can quickly and easily be adjusted to incorporate COVID-19 circulation and physical distancing requirements while offering flexibility for the future.



Utilizing a purposeful kit-of-parts approach to planning the office landscape ensures that each team member has the right configuration to perform at their highest levels.

Desking, group settings, and communal gathering areas can be planned to allow for heads-down focus work while also allowing for staff ideation and immersive meetings. Outdoor workspaces can be designed to have true desking and communal work arrangements, allowing the same individual and group activities that are supported inside the office to move outdoors. Plaza areas and clubhouses help build and facilitate relationships while allowing teams the spaces they need for agility work.


Equitable Office Experience

In a distributed work model, it’s important that every employee have access to the same flexibility, well-being, and comfort. Those who work from home can choose from settings that meet their needs. While some employees will only need a desk and task chair, others thrive in an environment that replicates the office landscape they would enjoy in a more traditional setting. Creating an equitable office experience across all workspaces ensures employees can remain productive, on-task, and engaged no matter where they are physically located.

Distributed Work and Flexible Planning

As organizations throughout the world adapt to the changing environment, it’s more important than ever they embrace a distributed work and flexible planning model to make sure their office meets their current and future needs.

Sulaco is a resource for inspiration of all the possibilities for your space.

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