The Future of Work: Empower People Through Distributed Work

The workplace needs to evolve from a singular space into a dynamic network of places from which employees can choose to work. Supporting distributed work, allowing freedom in the workplace, and creating an office that people are excited to come to every day.

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Supporting Distributed Work

Confidence in people’s ability to work remotely has increased, and due to COVID-19, people are working remotely more and more. Many employees will work from offices daily, but for others, distributed working will be the norm. Distributed ways of working aren’t new, but they’ve been accelerated by the pandemic. People can be productive while working at home, but offices still provide great value as on-demand resources for individuals and teams.

Companies should strive to help people stay healthy and productive, no matter where they are working. Employees who feel empowered with choice and are confident they have flexible tools and resources to meet their needs will have higher levels of engagement.

The Office Isn’t Dead

The office will become a valued on-demand amenity that fosters the connections and interactions that we miss while working alone. It will also serve as a place that cultivates learning, preserves culture, and expresses the organization’s brand.

For workplaces to remain purposeful, they must help people do their best, no matter where or when they are working. People will seek offices with work settings uniquely tuned to socialization, individual focus, and immersive teamwork. To remain relevant, offices of the future will need to build culture and community, support individual focus, and facilitate intensive teamwork.

future of office

Freedom in the Office

The workplace needs to evolve from a singular space into a dynamic network of places from which employees can choose to work on a given day—and over the course of the week. Great spaces where employees are not confined to a desk. Freedom in the office means allowing for collaborative spaces, room to move, discuss, creative, learn, and execute on ideas.

Evolving the Workplace

By creating offices that fulfill people’s needs on-demand, both the organizations and their people will flourish. Because distributed work will lessen the need for dense occupancy planning, businesses will save on facilities costs and create workplaces that are more valuable to their employees. When you give people the option to work in the place that fulfills their well-being needs and diverse work processes, they have the autonomy and security they need to thrive.

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