Find Comfort and Productivity with OfficeWorks

After finding the discomfort from an ineffective chair was having a negative effect on his daily productivity, Andrew turned to Officeworks to find the perfect Herman Miller Task Performance Task Chair to support a more comfortable and productive way to work.

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Find Comfort and Productivity with OfficeWorks

Working for a small marketing agency, Andrew was accustomed to moving frequently between in person meetings and task work at his desk. When the pandemic forced almost all meetings to become virtual, he found that the discomfort from an ineffective chair was starting to have a negative effect on his daily productivity. Andrew turned to OfficeWorks to help find the perfect Herman Miller Performance Task Chair to support a more comfortable and productive way to work.

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Visit Our Showroom to Find Your Perfect Fit

Deciding to get a new chair can be overwhelming. With all the options available, it’s hard to know what you want and, more importantly, which chair will be right for you. At OfficeWorks, we invite you to come into our showroom and experience our chairs before deciding which is right for you. As a CEAS, Logan can explain the features of each chair and help make sure your choice is right for you.

“A performance task chair is an investment that can be in your life for decades, and everyone has different needs. By speaking with you, we are able to customize choices that are specific to your needs,” explained Logan. “Our demo program allows you to test out our chairs and even try it in your space for five days. We want to make sure you have the opportunity to truly experience your new chair before you make a choice.”

“Right from the start, Logan wanted to get to know me, what issues I was having with my chair, and how I work on a daily basis. He explained why some habits I had developed could cause short and long-term ergonomic issues, and how different chairs could help,” said Andrew. “He picked a couple chairs for me to try and thoroughly explained the design, features, and functionality of each. Having a guide allowed me to get a true feel for each chair and pick which was best for my needs.”

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Worry Free for Years

With OfficeWorks, our service doesn’t end once you’ve picked out your perfect chair. We finish the sales process electronically so there’s no need to come back into the showroom. Your chair will be built to order and delivered directly to your door fully assembled. All our Herman Miller Performance Task Chairs come with a 12-year warranty, and you’ll have a local contact to service your warranty should a problem arise.

“Once I decided on the Aeron, the process of getting the chair was smooth and easy. They kept in contact about when it would arrive, and less than 5 minutes after delivery I was sitting in my new chair,” said Andrew. “It’s amazing the difference being so comfortable every day. I’m able to sit longer and focus more, and find myself having less discomfort both at and away from my desk. I really appreciate the time that Logan took to make sure I got exactly what I needed.”

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Schedule an in-person or virtual showroom visit to speak with OfficeWorks' Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS), Logan Cooper, and find your perfect fit.

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OfficeWorks is committed to keeping our employees and customers safe during this time. While visiting our showroom, we ask that you join our employees in wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance. We disinfect each chair before and after every visitor.

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