Shaping the Future of Work with MillerKnoll and OfficeWorks

MillerKnoll has had a diverse team of experts researching change for over 20 years. The team has been able to establish signals, trends, and drivers of change that will shape the way we experience work.

Shaping the Future of Work

Change is inevitable. We may not be able to predict the changes the future may bring, but we can prepare for the unknown by thinking about potential, probable and preferable futures. MillerKnoll has had a diverse team of experts researching change for over 20 years. The team has been able to establish signals, trends, and drivers of change that will shape the way we experience work.

shaping the future of work community not company

Communities Not Companies

Communities are naturally stronger and more resilient than companies. Communities are made up of stronger more meaningful relationships, one thing employees are looking for now more than ever. People naturally work harder for organizations that are committed to people, purpose, and culture rather than just profit.

Four Priorities for Transforming your Company into a Community

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The most valuable workers will choose organizations that prioritize diversity. Diversity, equity, and inclusion leads to more ideas and perspectives.

Culture and Community:
People expect organizations to build and grow culture and community. Workers need to feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie in order to feel connected to their work and to each other.

Growth and Well Being:
Employers who prioritize growth and wellbeing for their employees will develop the workers who shape the future. Prioritizing mental and emotional well being is just as important physical well being.

Teams at Work:
Collaborative work naturally drives innovation. Diverse teams will drive innovation and success for organizations that support their unique needs.

Shaping the future of work technology works for us

The Machines Work for Us

Though technology will be omnipresent, only tech that serves our humanity will rise to the top. Technology that enables work and creates new opportunities will allow for better decision making.

Technology that Enables Work

AI & Automation: Artificial intelligence and process automation will upend the value that people bring to their work. Uniquely human skills like empathy, leadership, complex problem solving will be in high demand.

Ambient Computing:
Ambient and immersive computing will emerge as critical tools that can proactively assist us in our daily needs. It will open new frontiers in our workplaces, organizations, and experience of work.

Data Literacy:
Data is powerful and how it is leveraged will make all the difference. Data will be translated into insights that will play critical roles in decision making.

Shaping the Future of Work We want control

We Want Control

We want Control focuses on a future driven by choice and flexibility when working. Providing autonomy and choice in the workplace will build trust and allow for agility in the workplace.

How to Give Employees More Control

User Experience: People will demand user experiences that are defined by ease, speed, and customization. On demand access and service will be expected, and user experience will become a key performance indicator for many companies.

Comfort and variety:
People want the power to seek spaces that best fit their needs. Design will prioritize comfort and variety to meet the needs of workers, allowing for autonomy to choose which builds trust.

Work Agility:
Workplace models will become increasingly flexible as organizations pursue agility in all aspects of their business. Stronger competition and unpredictable markets will require workplaces to have flexible options to accommodate people, processes, and place. Organizations will become better prepared and increasingly resilient.

Shaping the Future by Adapting to Change

Change is inevitable in every aspect of our lives, including work. Plan for the impact that change will have on people, processes, and place by focusing on the three categories of Community Not Company, The Machine Works for Us, and We Want Control. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you by shaping the future of work.

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