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Newly Renovated Offices Position the Firm for Continued Success

McGuire Sponsel's renovated offices capture their brand and position them for what's next.

OfficeWorks McGuire Sponsel Project Highlight

McGuire Sponsel started around a kitchen table in 2007, when Dave McGuire and TJ Sponsel set a vision to create a specialty tax consulting firm. They’ve come a long way since then, tripling the firm’s headcount and revenue in recent years. The firm’s rapid growth meant McGuire Sponsel’s core offices in Indianapolis and Atlanta needed upgrades to increase their functionality and visual cohesion. McGuire Sponsel engaged OfficeWorks to renovate both offices and set a new standard for firm offices.

A tailored approach

According to TJ Sponsel, the firm’s goals for the renovation projects included capturing who they are while providing a consistent experience between the Indianapolis and Atlanta offices.

“We took a global look at the firm from a branding standpoint,” he said. “How do we set the tone for our existing teams, future recruiting, prospective clients and referral partners?”

McGuire Sponsel’s brand is modern, tailored, and timeless, and the new office spaces needed to match this firm aesthetic.

“We wanted a space that someone could walk into three years later and wouldn’t know when it was built out,” TJ said. “It was also important to create a space that our team would be proud of, so recruits realize the size and opportunity at McGuire Sponsel.”

The OfficeWorks team worked closely with firm leadership to understand how employees use their spaces, what adjacencies made sense, and what the team envisioned for the future.

“OfficeWorks filled an interesting void,” TJ said. “They weren’t order takers, but they didn’t just tell us what to do, either. The team used a sincere approach to get to know us and find out what we wanted to accomplish, then provided solutions that met our needs. It was a true relationship, which created a high comfort level for us throughout the experience.”

“OfficeWorks was so helpful and responsive,” Cindy Ritchie, firm administrator, added. “They understood our needs and have gone above and beyond in helping us with our new spaces.”

Creativity through complexity

From a complex floor plan in Indianapolis to a desire to reuse existing furniture in both offices, the project provided plenty of opportunities for OfficeWorks to think creatively about the placement of furniture.

“The Indianapolis project provided a unique design challenge,” said Megan Minnich, senior designer at OfficeWorks. “There were architectural columns to work around, an angular floorplan to work within, new and existing furniture to blend, the need for maximum density, and the desire to keep the space open and airy. In the end, we created a balance that really optimized the space.”

“OfficeWorks did a fantastic job with the plan, maximizing our footprint and natural lighting while spacing people out,” TJ noted. “As a firm that’s in the consulting business, it was important for us to be mindful of the budget and reuse as much as possible, and OfficeWorks was respectful and creative in repurposing our furniture.”

For their new workstations, McGuire Sponsel chose Herman Miller’s Canvas Vista, which offers both height-adjustable seating and consolidated storage.

“It’s a great product that allows them more space for continued expansion,” said Camille Inchauste, account executive at OfficeWorks. “For a growing firm, it’s always a win to get more space than you anticipated.”

Inspiring results

From new social hubs that provide spaces for people to gather to a custom conference room table, McGuire Sponsel’s furniture creates a welcoming environment for staff and visitors.

TJ and Cindy said the new offices have been a morale boost for employees and make them excited about being back in the office.

“In 2020, we closed the office for 10 weeks, and it was nerve-wracking because I wondered if people would want to be back in the office,” TJ said. “OfficeWorks played a big role in helping people feel comfortable in the space. Our offices in Atlanta and Indianapolis are inviting and motivating with attention to the details. The way the offices are furnished sets the stage for growth and builds instant credibility when people come into the space or see it on video. It shows that we are not a small consulting firm anymore; we are built on a strong foundation and are scaling quickly alongside our clients and partners.”

For the OfficeWorks team, it was fulfilling to help create a positive experience for McGuire Sponsel’s employees and clients.

“When you walk through the offices, people are smiling, and that’s the best kind of feedback,” Camille said. “It’s always rewarding when a vision comes together and when our clients’ employees express appreciation for having a great place to work.”

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