The Platner Collection

Originally introduced by Knoll in 1966, the Platner Collection represents the designer's attempt to infuse modernism with "the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful kind of design that appeared in period style like Louis XV."

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The Platner Collection

In 1966, Knoll introduced the Platner Collection. Bringing a well-versed understanding of architecture to the development of his designs, Warren Platner created something unlike the Modernists before him. As opposed to wholly rejecting ornament, he used it to create a structure that itself was inherently ornate. The now-iconic designs are rational yet expressive, all while staying true to the Modern spirit that defines Knoll.

Office Works Platner Easy Chair

Platner Easy Chair

Platner applied an architectural point-of-view and emphasis on the human element of design in his collection for Knoll. “What I wanted to achieve was a chair that, number one, was complimentary to the person sitting in it, or to the person in the space between the wall and the chair – what the chair did for the person in respect to the scale of the person and the space, something that would be handsome but you’d forget about it when someone sat down in it,” reflected Platner.

Office Works Platner Lounge Chair

Platner Lounge Chair

For fifty years, the Platner Lounge Chair remains an icon of Modernism. Warren Platner, through an exacting revisions process and penchant for perfection, created designs that are timeless today.

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Platner Side Table

The Platner Side Table is a beautiful and enduring addition to the contemporary interior and has a broad selection of base, top, and upholstery options.

Office Works Warren Platner

Warren Platner

Platner's furniture collection for Knoll is what earned him worldwide renown. He personally formulated the production techniques for the complicated designs with each chair requiring over a thousand welds and more than one hundred cylindrical steel rods.