The Future of Lab: Formaspace

Recent developments in life sciences and tech industries emphasize the importance of integrating laboratory spaces with traditional office environments, enhancing efficiencies and attracting talent.

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The Future of Lab

Recent developments in life sciences and tech industries emphasize the importance of integrating laboratory spaces with traditional office environments, enhancing efficiencies and attracting talent. The outdated practice of dark, cluttered, and isolated labs away from traditional office floors has shifted towards inclusive workspaces where labs are seamlessly integrated near traditional office areas, featuring natural light and collaborative spaces. This shift revolves around “on-carpet” (office) versus “off-carpet” (lab) areas, with transitionary spaces serving as meeting points for collaboration. With over 40 years of experience, Formaspace specializes in creating integrated lab environments that blend functionality with office comfort and practicality, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Off-Carpet Products

Office Works Formaspace RGX Lab


The RGX system revolutionizes casework by offering a truly unique and innovative approach, exceeding the industry standard for flexibility and adaptability in workspace solutions. SEFA compliant and working towards full certification, RGX ensures peace of mind for even the most demanding applications.

Office Works Formaspace FLX Microscope Table Combo

FLX & Microscope Table Combo

The FLX Back-to-Back Services bench revolutionizes lab furniture with its component-welded steel frame and knock-down design (flat-packed for simplified shipping). Assembly is a breeze, requiring only 6 bolts

Office Works Formaspace Col Lab Table

Col-Lab Table

The Col-Lab Table, designed for off-carpet environments, represents a pivotal element in the future of lab design. It fosters the creation of collision zones, strategically placed areas within the lab where research and collaboration can thrive.

Office Works Formaspace Lab Chairs

Lab Chairs

Designed to meet the diverse demands of modern laboratories, these ergonomic chairs offer superior comfort and support, enhancing productivity in wet labs, tech labs, and cleanrooms. With features like adjustable lumbar support, ESD protection, and cleanroom-compatible materials, these lab chairs ensure durability and hygiene.

On-Carpet Products

Office Works Formaspace RGX Hospitality

RGX Hospitality

The RGX Hospitality Collection, encompassing both the credenza and lounge stations, exemplifies the unparalleled adaptability of the RGX system. This versatile collection caters specifically to the needs of hospitality settings.

Office Works Formaspace Guitar Pick Table

Guitar Pick Table

The Guitar Pick Table embodies a unique design language, showcasing Formaspace’s expertise in crafting large-scale custom tables. This table transcends mere functionality, transforming into a statement piece through the integration of custom elements like the striking laser-cut logo.

Office Works Formaspace Bespoke Hospitality

Bespoke Hospitality

The Bespoke Storage unit alongside our Height Adjustable Desk creates a functional and inviting environment for collaboration in on-carpet areas.

Office Works Formaspace Tensegrity Illusion Bench

Tensegrity Illusion Bench

The Tensegrity Illusion Bench offers a captivating reimagining of the traditional bench seat. Its defining feature is the offset cantilever leg design, creating the illusion of the seat floating effortlessly on one side. This visually striking element adds a touch of intrigue to a traditionally straightforward design.

Office Works Formasspace Acoustic Felt Panel

Acoustic Felt Panel

Achieve superior sound absorption and create a peaceful environment with Acoustic Felt Panels. These eco-friendly panels, available in a wide range of colors, effectively reduce echoes and background noise, enhancing focus and communication. Lightweight and easy to fabricate, they can be installed on walls, ceilings, or even other products, offering a seamless joint-free application for larger areas. Additionally, digital printing allows for complete design personalization, making Acoustic Felt Panels the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and beautiful aesthetics.

Who is Formaspace?

In today's modern workplaces, the lines between office and laboratory spaces are becoming increasingly blurred. Formaspace recognizes this trend and offers a seamless blending of office and lab furniture to meet the evolving needs of clients. By harmonizing aesthetics and functionality, Formaspace enables laboratories to create cohesive, integrated workspaces that inspire collaboration and innovation.

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