State and Local Government Chairs from OfficeWOrks

OfficeWorks provides state and local governments with a wide variety of high performance task chairs that are readily available.

State and Local Government

High Performance Task Chairs

OfficeWorks has a wide selection of readily available high performing task chairs. We understand the unique needs of public procurement by local, city, state, and federal government agencies. Government agencies grapple with increasingly complex issues, the needs of people, and designing offices to become more efficient, effective, and sustainable.

Aeron chair black with white background

Aeron Chairs

Every material, every mechanism on Aeron advances the art and science of seating. As the first office chair to replace fabric and foam with a breathable, woven suspension membrane - its innovative Pellicle® seat and back - Aeron distributes your weight evenly, eliminating pressure points and heat buildup. The Kinemat® tilt allows you to recline fluidly, as your body pivots naturally at the hips, knees, and ankles. And PostureFit® puts support where you need it most while seated - at the base of your spine.

Sayl chair purple and blue cushions with white back supports

Sayl Chairs

With the Sayl Chair, designer Yves Béhar used smart engineering to transform simple materials into an innovative design that’s beautiful, supportive, and sustainable. Inspired by the striking architecture and less-is-more engineering of suspension bridges, Sayl strikes a healthy balance between ergonomic support and the freedom to move.

Versus chair, red with white background

Verus Chairs

Verus redefines what an affordable work chair can be. Efficiently designed and engineered to assure ergonomic alignment and support, it gives people both instant and all-day comfort at an equally comfortable price.

Amplify chair, orange cushion with black back rest

Amplify Chairs

Sleek, aerodynamic lines give the Amplify collection power, with a look of modern design and sumptuous comfort. Amplify offers more built-in features than any other chair in its class, with enhanced synchro, height adjustable arms and adjustable lumbar support. The curvaceous profile and soft, textured arm pads make this a chair that delivers style as well as substance.

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