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Chair, desk, lighting, technology, temperature - there’s a lot that goes into workplace comfort. When it’s time to get away from tips and tricks and start thinking about making changes to the environment to improve ergonomics, an expert is needed to help direct which areas to focus on. With two Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists (CEAS®) on the team, OfficeWorks has your back - literally.


Expert Ergonomic Guidance

As Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists (CEAS®), both Logan Cooper and Ashley Stanton have the expertise needed to guide your team to a more comfortable - and productive - work environment. More than just evaluating furniture needs, a CEAS® analyzes behaviors, lighting (natural and artificial), technology, temperature and overall environment (flooring, walls, windows, and ceiling) on multiple task jobs in the office, industrial/manufacturing, and healthcare environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure where to start? Here’s some questions our ergonomics professionals are frequently asked:

- Which desk is a good match with my chair?

- Which lighting is the best option for my budget?

- Which chair fabric should I choose?

- What is the difference between these products?

Get the answers to these and any other questions you have by connecting with an OfficeWorks CEAS® today!

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Work from Home Ergonomic Assessment

Check the health and productivity of your work from home setup with this free and easy tool from Herman Miller. The assessment takes less than five minutes to complete, and gives research driven recommendations on how you can improve comfort and productivity while working from home.

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The right ergonomic products and tools can help people feel more comfortable and be more productive. Contact CEAS® Logan Cooper today for a virtual or in-person consultation - in our safe office showroom or in your place of business.

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Expert Guidance for your Ergonomics Journey

Interested in finding out how working with an ergonomics professional can help improve your comfort and productivity? Connect with CEAS® Ashley Stanton today!

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