OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 is a collection of optimized, essential pieces for a new era in the workplace. It's designed to help people evolve their space by discovering what works in the moment and empowering them to make rapid changes in the future.

Office Works OE1 Workspace Collection New Additions
Optimized Essentials for Agility

OE1 Workspace Collection

Herman Miller introduces new additions to the OE1 Workspace Collection. With new pieces, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility give individuals and teams even more ways to reconfigure their workspaces on the fly and work in ways that support rather than constrain.

Office Works OE1 Sit to Stand Table

OE1 Sit-to-Stand Table

The OE1 Sit-to-Stand Table is a versatile, height-adjustable table with a residential aesthetic. Designed to fit comfortably in the home or office, this table brings effortless postural variety to any space where you need a work surface.

The OE1 Workspace Collection
Office Works OE1 Personal Hoodie

OE1 Personal Hoodie

The OE1 Personal Hoodie is a soft, portable tabletop boundary that improves privacy, reduces glare and personal distraction, and signals unavailability. When you’re not using them, stack the hoodies together for easy storage and transport.

The OE1 Workspace Collection
Office Works OE1 Mobile Easel

OE1 Mobile Easel

The OE1 Mobile Easel enables agile collaboration wherever teams want to work. Its whiteboards and tackable surfaces double as movable wall boundaries and work in tandem with the OE1 Wall Rail and Board.

The OE1 Workspace Collection
Office Works OE1 Curved Screen

OE1 Curved Screen

The subtly curved OE1 Curved Screen divides space, provides visual and acoustic privacy, and enhances office aesthetics. Because of its gentle aesthetic, it’s especially effective in collaborative and community spaces, softening the visual hard edge inherent in traditional offices.

The OE1 Workspace Collection
Office Works OE1 Freestanding Curtain

OE1 Freestanding Curtain

The OE1 Freestanding Curtain forms a soft, permeable boundary for a warm, residential feel. Move this screen or combine it with others to organically divide or create team spaces, enhance the sense of community, or improve wayfinding.

The OE1 Workspace Collection
Office Works OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray

OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray

With the OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray, you can work from anywhere for extended periods because you carry the power source with you. Each battery can power multiple small electronic devices simultaneously and, when paired with the Power Tray, can power large devices, including monitors.

The OE1 Workspace Collection

A collection that’s fresh, agile, and ready for action in a changing world of work.

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