Making the best better for Earth

Same design. Same comfort. Now more sustainable. Meet the Ocean-Bound Plastic Aeron Chair from MillerKnoll and OfficeWorks.

Making the best better

Rediscover the revamped Aeron Chair

Meet the next generation of Aeron, made with ocean-bound plastic. Same design. Same comfort. Now more sustainable. With the addition of ocean-bound plastic, MillerKnoll aims to divert more than 150 metric tons of plastic from the ecosystem every year. (Based on annual sales forecast.) And we’re offering it in a dramatically dark new color: Onyx, in Ultra Matte.

Ocean bound plastic products
Ocean-bound plastic

The process

The raw materials are washed, sorted, and pelletized. Then, they're sold to manufacturers like MillerKnoll, where they test and re-engineer the plastic. Finally, this plastic is incorporated into a growing number of MillerKnoll products and packaging.

Ocean bound plastic waste 01
Ocean bound plastic pelletized
Ocean bound plastic herman miller aeron chair

Plastic diversion

An estimated 234 metric tons of ocean-bound plastic are diverted from the ocean annually. That's the equivalent of 23 million water bottles.*

*based on annual sales forecast

Making the best better for Earth

Same design. Same comfort. Now more sustainable.
Rediscover Aeron
Ocean bound plastic aeron luxe detail

Ocean-bound plastic

As a dealer within the MillerKnoll network, we're happy to represent an initiative that works to develop the first global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains through NextWave Plastics. By integrating this transformed plastic into MillerKnoll’s products and processes, they are reducing the volume of plastic waste, little by little.

Ocean bound plastic waste 02
OW HM OBP Pellets 2
Ocean-bound plastic

Why it's a problem

Plastic waste tends to build up in coastal cities that don't have the infrastructure to process it. As part of NextWave Plastics, MillerKnoll is working to turn this plastic into something brand-new.

Ocean bound plastic primary

Be a part of the change.

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