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HAY sets out to innovate new ways to answer the ever-evolving needs of the modern world through design. HAY reimagined staple pieces like chairs and sofas and breathed new life and purpose into them through its new, featured products. See how HAY can transform spaces, one beautiful piece at a time.

Arbour beige sofa

Arbour Sofa

Sturdy, sleek, wood framing accompanied by plush cushions on all sides makes the Arbour Sofa an inviting destination to lounge and relax. The Arbour Sofa is the perfect statement to finish off any room, home or the office.

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Revolt chairs kitchen table and chairs

Revolt Chair

Revolt has a distinctively innovative, yet minimalist style perfect for any space. Distinguished by its flexible back, versatility, and outstanding comfort, Revolt is the perfect chair for any space whether at the dining room table or in a home office.

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Dorso chair with flowers next to it

Dorso Lounge Chair

The Dorso Lounge Chair is a functional, relaxing chair inspired by the shifting curves of a human torso in motion. Its smooth swivel base that rotates a full 360 degrees can accommodate a range of sitting positions to ensure comfort and functionality in any setting. Its sleek, rounded form offers a comfortable, cradling seat, while its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces.

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Furniture for Everyday Life

HAY constantly finds new ways to better design products people use every single day. Whether it is creating a versatile sofa that folds to any need or a chair that anticipates every move, HAY’s new products bring function and beauty to every space. See how HAY’s new products can help the ever changing needs of today’s world.

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