Naughtone Booths

Where Comfort and Collaboration Beautifully Collide

Creating intimate space ideal for one-on-one and small group collaboration in a large space can be a challenge. Naughtone booths offer a comfortable and beautiful solution. With three customizable booths, each with unique and useful features to fit your office’s needs, there is a booth to fit your space.

Naughtone Booths

Small Spaces with a Big Impact

Small spaces have the potential to create the biggest impact. Naughtone's comfortable yet space-conscious booths can bring any space to its highest potential. From post-meeting breakout sessions to team meetings, Naughtone Booths offer style, comfort, and functionality to any space, regardless of size.

Naughtone Booths  quilted fabric multiple colors

Quilted or Plain Upholstery

Each space is unique. Pick between a number of colors and upholstery to fit your office to a tee.

Naughtone Booths adjustable legs

High or Low Legs

Options for high or low legs makes this booth customizable to fit any space perfectly.

Naughtone booth in table power strip

Built In Power & Connectivity

Built in power units allow all your technology to be charged conveniently.

Naughtone Booths Integrated Display Monitor

Integrated Display Monitor

Showcase insightful visuals, presentations, and spreadsheets with ease.

Naughtone Booths Hue Seating yellow
Naughtone Booths

Hue Seating

Hue is designed for dividing, creating and utilizing awkward space while encouraging collaboration at a higher level. As a luxurious retreat for group or individual work, Hue is perfect for use in narrow spaces, and is ideally suited for pre and post meeting situations.

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Naughtone Booths orange in a row
Naughtone Boogths


Cloud is designed to be inviting and comfortable without occupying too much space. The tactile and fully upholstered surround provides a further element of luxury while offering a visual and acoustic haven for individual or group work.

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Naughtone Booths Pullman yellow hero
Naughtone Booths

Pullman Booth

Taking its name from the old train carriages, Pullman is a luxurious and private collaboration space developed with AV integration in mind. Pullman is designed to provide an acoustic haven with discrete cable management features, making it ideal for breakouts, small meetings or individual work sessions.

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