Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression.


Muuto is rooted in Scandinavian design characterized by aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and an honest expression. By expanding this heritage with forward-looking materials, modern techniques, and bold creative thinking, Muuto delivers new perspectives on the modern workplace.

Office Works Muuto Nerd Chair

Nerd Chair

With a playfully contemporary expression, the Nerd Chair brings new perspectives to Scandinavian design by combining the traditional material of wood with a simple yet eccentric design language

Office Works Muuto Nerd Bar stool

Nerd Bar Stool

The Nerd Bar Stool is designed with a playfully contemporary expression, joined by its wooden Scandinavian materiality. The seamless integration of its back and seat makes for a characterful detail alongside the curved edges of its seat.

Office Works Muuto Doze Lounge Chair

Doze Lounge Chair

Designed with extensive comfort and a modern expression through the vibrant lines and folds of its back and armrests along with an embracing seat, the Doze Lounge Chair join together the ideas of Scandinavian design with the lines of 1970's furniture for a contemporary perspective on the archetypal lounge chair.

Office Works Muuto Cover Armchair

Cover Armchair

Referencing the values of honest craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Cover Armchair is an elegant perspective on the timeless wooden armchair. With its curved backrest and folded armrest covers, the Cover Armchair explores the possibilities of wooden veneer, paired with a deep comfort, modern expression and base in solid wood.

Office Works Muuto Cover Lounge Chair

Cover Lounge Chair

By combining the ideals of Scandinavian craftsmanship with a modern design language, the Cover Lounge Chair has a simple yet refined expression. The design features a grand seat while taking up little space in the room, complemented by its unique details of curved back, wooden armrest covers and slightly curved seat for any private or professional space.

Office Works Muuto Fiber Armchair

Fiber Armchair

The Fiber Armchair brings a new perspective to the iconic shell chair through its innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers. The wood fibers blend into the surface for a matte finish and add a soft, inviting touch.

Office Works Muuto Linear Steel Table

Linear Steel Table

The Linear Steel Table brings new perspectives to modern outdoor furniture through its straight lines alongside the folded edges, halfcircular intersecting legs and small spacing for easy removal of water. Kept visually clean for long-lasting aesthetics, the Linear Steel Table finds its distinct character through subtle detailing and a simple expression, allowing for it to complement any outdoor setting.


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