Muuto Accessories

Muuto’s collection of accessories brings new perspectives to familiar forms, adding a touch of Scandinavian design to your home office or workspace.

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Muuto Accessories

Muuto’s collection of accessories brings new perspectives to familiar forms, adding a touch of Scandinavian design to your home office or workspace.

Office Works Muuto Dots Wood Coat Hooks 2

Dots Wood Coat Hooks

The Dots Wood Coat Hooks brings a friendly feel to the traditional coat hook. Arrange with multiple patterns and colors for a playful and functional storage approach.

Office Works Muuto Kink Vase

Kink Vase

With its double opening, the Kink Vase brings contemporary form to the everyday flower vase. The dual openings allow for creative flower arrangements, and the interior of this porcelain vase is glazed for a polished touch.

Office Works Muuto Varjo Rug

Varjo Rug

Hand-woven from 100% New Zealand wool, the Varjo Rug features a unique pattern and discreet color-blocking. With its name meaning “shadows” in Finnish, the Varjo Rug is woven in a way that creates a sense of shadow and light within the weave.

Office Works Muuto Restore Basket 2

Restore Basket

Constructed of polymer felt made from recycled pet bottles, the restore basket can be used to hold clothes, scarves, craft supplies, and more. Soft to the touch but very durable, these modern storage baskets are an elegant, colorful way to stay organized.

Office Works Muuto Platform Tray 2

Platform Tray

The Platform Tray fuses the function of Scandinavian design with Japanese artistry to form a stackable tray with a multitude of uses.

Office Works Muuto Folded Shelves 2

Folded Shelves

The crisp lines of Folded Shelves instantly add calm and order to any home or workspace. Each configuration comes with two hooks for hanging items, and features a mix of pockets and flat surfaces to hold a variety of objects.

Office Works Muuto Coil Coat Rack

Coil Coat Rack

Inspired by the curl of rolled paper but made from durable anodized aluminum, the Coil Coat Rack is a slim, unobtrusive design that stands up to frequent use. The hooks can be moved to suit objects of different sizes, and additional hooks can be added.

Office Works Muuto Ridge Vase 2

Ridge Vase

The Ridge Vase presents a new way to display flowers through its sculptural expression and artful character. The refined indent helps flowers to stand upright and serves as a subtle handle.

Office Works Muuto Tub Jug

Tub Jug

A modern approach to the classic carafe, the Tub Jug is a sculptural, functional piece designed for everyday living. Made of glazed ceramic, its wide spout and angled handle make it easy to fill and pour.


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Keeping it in the Family

Everybody knows the feeling of entering a room that feels good. The Muuto Family of Seating will inspire you to reflect on your surroundings and how they make you feel to create a space that feels just right.

Office Works Inspriation for the Modern Office Muuto 3

Inspiration for the Modern Office

Muuto is rooted in Scandinavian design characterized by aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and an honest expression. By expanding this heritage with forward-looking materials, modern techniques, and bold creative thinking, Muuto delivers new perspectives on the workplace.


Muuto Accessories

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