Advancing the Means of Expression

Since 1902, Maharam has been advancing the means of expression through vibrant, versatile textiles. In partnership with Herman Miller, Maharam offers over 200 textiles, representing over 2,000 different combinations to fit your space. Breathe new life into your office with Maharam.

Design & Innovation

Unwavering dedication to originality and innovation are two things you will find with any Maharam product. The Herman Miller Collection takes classic pieces and transforms them into contemporary furniture that is both durable and sustainable. Continuing to innovate while appreciating its rich history is what distinguishes Maharam as a leading provider in commercial interiors.

Unparalleled Choice

Maharam’s portfolio is unmatched when it comes to choice. With a collection encompassing hundreds of combinations, you are destined to find the perfect material-pattern pair for any piece in the office. There is no need for compromise with the unparalleled choices Maharam offers.

Exclusive Herman Miller Collection

In collaboration with Paul Smith, the exclusive Herman Miller Collection provides vibrant, unique textiles in collaboration with sustainable, innovative Herman Miller furniture. The collection embodies ‘classics with a twist.’ Comprising five pieces, these chairs and sofas epitomize fashion that never goes out of style.

A New Level of Self Expression in the Office

Maharam allows for a new level of self expression in the office. Find patterns and materials that bring your office to life. Through vibrant, innovative, diverse choices, find your perfect pattern with Maharam textiles.

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