Logic Reach

Logic Reach is a power distribution system that’s as versatile as your people are, powering all the places and ways they work throughout an open office. With just three components, it connects furnishings to power and data in the shortest way possible—a straight line.

Logic Reach Workstation

Seamless Connectivity

Logic Reach acts as the glue for your office, connecting islands of furniture—like collaborative spaces and lounge areas—to power access with ease. There’s no need to rewire walls, tear up floors, or purchase new furniture: Logic Reach installs under your carpet and works intuitively with the furniture you already have.

Logic Reach Overlay setting

Smart, Efficient Design

Flexible Under-Carpet Tracks articulate from the circular Electrical Hubs at multiple angles, letting you plan settings wherever you want and connect them to power and data directly. Outlets are placed in various orientations around the Electrical Hubs so multiple power cords can be plugged in at once. And the whole system is practically invisible, with small, well-designed components that blend into any setting.


Logic Reach: Simple Setup

The Logic Reach system is easy to install.


Cut the Corners

Logic Reach breaks free from the traditional grid layout, getting power and data from point A to point B in the shortest route possible—a straight line.


Plug in to Power

The circular Electrical Hub has outlets at multiple angles and orientations, allowing you to connect several devices at one time without unplugging others.


Feel Free to Change

Logic Reach is just as easy to uninstall and re-route as it is to place—so when workplace changes arise, you’re not locked in.

Graphic illustration of Logic Reach collection electrical hub


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