Hopewell Work Experience Assessment

Is Your Work Experience Getting in the Way of Great Work?

As the world becomes increasingly mobilized through technology, people have more choice in when, where, and how they will work. This increasing autonomy means that employers have no way to understand how their employees experience work. The Hopewell WX Assessment empowers companies to remove hurdles, optimize physical space, and create opportunities to improve work for their employees.

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The Hopewell WX Assessment

The Hopewell WX Assessment reveals each company’s unique fingerprint by assessing individual employees’ experience at work. The WX Assessment is not an engagement survey or a company culture study. Instead, the assessment provides data-driven insights on tools, policies, and the built environment which can lead to decisions that will improve the effectiveness of work. It measures and scores your company’s work experience (WX) - the alignment or misalignment of a company’s resources to the preferences of the people who work there - and provides opportunities to improve WX by identifying the barriers that prevent employees from reaching peak performance.

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Efficient, Affordable, and Repeatable

Whether looking at the needs of a small team or an entire enterprise, the Hopewell WX Assessment can be implemented and completed in a matter of days. The assessment uses a proven data-driven model - the same model retailers use to design a consumer experience - to deliver actionable information in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional survey methods. Data from the assessment is consolidated onto an intuitive dashboard that reveals insights on work modes, chronotypes, energy, and flow - critical elements of the work experience. The WX Assessment is a scalable and repeatable tool that will help an organization continually improve their unique work experience.

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Workforce before Workplace

Before undergoing a physical transformation of the workplace, companies must first understand how their people experience work. The workforce, when properly asked, will reveal valuable information about tools, policies and environments, enabling businesses to optimize decisions that have an impact on their work experience. The Hopewell WX Assessment is designed to serve as a starting point for optimizing your work experience journey.

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