Herman Miller High Performance Task Chairs

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"Jackie Wilson's personality and demeanor is synonymous with the word 'positivity'. Her high energy and passion for the industry comes through in everything she does from interactions with designers related to their projects and the products she represents to supporting our local professional licensure efforts by stepping up as VP of Membership for the Interior Design Coalition of Indiana! I know that Jackie's authentic pride in the Interior Design industry is the perfect foundation for her to succeed in this position and wish her the best!"

- Victoria Numbers, RID | Senior Associate, IDO Incorporated

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Herman Miller High Performance Task Chairs

Herman Miller’s High Performance Task Chairs provide all the comfort, technology, and beautiful design you need in an office chair. Herman Miller’s environmentally friendly office chairs adapt naturally to any body type and are ergonomically designed to keep your body and brain limber all day. Choose from a variety of styles and features to find the perfect fit for you.

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Sayl design drawings on notebook paper
Sayl Chair

Beauty, Elegance, Respect

Sayl combines everything Herman Miller is known for—beautiful design, first-class ergonomics, elegant engineering, and respect for the environment. Designed by Yves Béhar, the Sayl chair takes from the beauty and engineering of one of the most iconic suspension bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge. Its name reflects the sailing vessels that pass beneath the inspirational bridge.

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Cosm conference room setting
Cosm Chair

Instant Comfort Everywhere

Cosm gives you a new experience of comfort—anywhere you work. Its sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support. It is no coincidence that Cosm was one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019. It is the pinnacle of personalization with features that allow Cosm to adjust perfectly to anyone’s needs.

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Aeron office chair hero image
Aeron Chair

Remastering an Icon

While its iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the Aeron Chair has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work. Aeron’s design is based on the latest research around the science of sitting. Aeron demonstrates a pioneering step in ergonomics and material innovation, and provides a comfortable solution without the use of standard materials. It changed people’s perception of what an office chair could be.

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Embody back of chair desk setting
Embody Chair

A Chair With Purpose

What if a chair could do more than just minimize the negative effects of sitting? That was the radical idea that designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf had when creating Embody. Designed with empathy in mind, every part of the Embody chair serves a very specific, healthful purpose. Embody brings ergonomics to the next level taking into consideration the science behind sitting for long periods of time. Embody automatically adjusts to your movements making it more comfortable and functional for you.

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The Best of Ergonomics & Design

Combine the best of ergonomics, design, function, and style with Herman Miller’s High Performance Task Chairs. With a variety of chairs in the collection, you won’t have to choose between function, comfort, style, features, or design. Have it all with High Performance Task Chairs. Find a chair that works just as hard as you at OfficeWorks.