Headway Tables from OfficeWorks - Prepare for Powerful Meetings

Organizations need tables with the right technology. They also need tables that look good and match their office's aesthetic. But they can usually only find one or the other—Headway Tables offers both.

Headway tables conference room table
Prepare for Powerful Meetings

Headway Tables

Set things in motion with Headway: conference and communal tables designed for seamless technology so teammates can connect, collaborate, and move ideas forward. Boasting an impressive array of shapes, finishes, configurations, and postures, you can customize Headway to fit any office and aesthetic. From brainstorm to board room, Headway's sleek design and tech prowess make it an essential part of every meeting.

Headway table long table and black chairs

Headway Tables - Prepare for Powerful Meetings

Headway offers the best of both worlds. With clean cable management and clutter-free surfaces, Headway conference and communal tables bring versatile aesthetics and robust technology capabilities together in one powerful design. Create a Headway table that works for you. Headway’s aesthetic versatility makes it a good look in every style of office, from traditional board rooms to modern conference rooms to lively project areas. With nearly endless choices for Headway’s shape, height, and tech, it’s easy to define and specify your perfect conference table. Thoughtful design details and finishes help it blend perfectly with the rest of the MillerKnoll portfolio.

Headway Tables Generous Cable Capacity

Generous Cable Capacity

The wide, hollow legs and spanner fit all the cables needed to power a modern conference room.

Headway Tables Cabinet Technology Storage

Cabinet Technology Storage

Securely hang your conference room tech accessories and remaining cables within the cabinet legs.

Headway tables power supply table top

Third Party Table Top Technology

Retractor units like this Crestron FT2-700 provide seamless technology access and clean messy cords from the surface.

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