Geiger Furniture

Meeting the Need for Beauty and Function through Modern Craft

Geiger furniture addresses the functional needs of customers with beautifully understated sophistication. The most inspiring things about a Geiger workspace are the people who use it to get things done.

Geiger Collaborative Spaces tables and chairs seating arrangements

Collaborative Spaces

Organizations value collaboration as an engine of innovation. Lounge furniture draws people into collaborative settings with a thoughtful blend of beauty and comfort. Geiger has a range of products that elevate the experience of collaboration.

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Geiger Executive Offices 2

Executive Offices

The most discerning customers appreciate the seamless functionality, sumptuous materials, and enduring design of Geiger’s products for today's private office. Ergonomic considerations enhance the comfort of an executive’s primary workspace. That includes the social ergonomics that support private conversations.

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Geiger Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Communication is critical in meeting spaces. Conference tables and chairs express an appreciation for quality and craft while facilitating productive meetings. These are spaces designed for the effective exchange of ideas—and the people who use them—benefit from casual comfort and a residential feel.

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