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Custom fit, finish, and functionality made standard


Custom fit, finish, and functionality made standard

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U-Series Lounge Seating

Ward Bennett originally designed the U-Series Chair in 1979 for the NYC apartment of handbag Designer Reva Ostrow. The universal forms of these barrel-shaped chairs proved a versatile complement to a range of tastes. Originally produced by Brickel Associates, whom Geiger acquired in 1993, were proud to bring these masterfully minimal designs back as part of the U-Series Lounge Seating family. The sculptural form of each U-Series piece is as relevant today as it was 40 years ago when they were first introduced.

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Geiger One

Geiger One has created a new approach to casegoods design. The starting point wasn’t a particular aesthetic or application, but a versatile infrastructure that can be built upon using a standard kit of parts to create spaces that feel custom.

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Axon Tables

As communications technology continues to advance, for the most part the conference table has been left behind. Axon Tables address this issue with embedded technology that makes data, voice, and video conferencing connections easy to access through the center of the table and distributes power to convenient locations along the table’s edge. The family of tables includes rectangular or round tabletops, available in a range of sizes, materials, and base options.

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Crosshatch Collection

By using a minimum of common materials in a maximally inventive way, Crosshatch Collection creates a feeling of being enveloped in a protective nest. Its transparent aesthetic helps it look right at home in a variety of environments.

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MP Height-Adjustable Tables

MP Height-Adjustable Tables share the crisp proportions of Amir Paknya’s MP family of tables. Rectangular or oval tabletops appear to float on a platform created by metal columns melded with flat-blade metal feet. At a touch of a button, the work surface moves smoothly to a series of programmable preset heights- no small fee considering the weight and density of the natural stone material options. The effect is both industrial and luxurious with an overall feeling of lightness.

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