Flexible and Active Learning Environments with Framery

Framery's soundproof booths, pods, and private spaces solve noise and privacy issues people might face when working in libraries. They are ideal for holding meetings, independent work, and team discussions reducing the need to build expensive and space-consuming meeting rooms.

Flexible and Active Learning Environments with Framery

Framery's soundproof pods address many of the noise and privacy issues faced in libraries. With solutions for both individual and group needs, Framery solves meeting space needs without the time, expense, and hassle of building new rooms.

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OfficeWorks Framery Q Office Pod Libraries Increase Privacy


Framery's line of products provides a unique solution to solving privacy issues with meeting spaces in libraries, ensuring private conversations can't be heard outside the pod even when located in high-traffic spaces.

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Improved Collaboration

Framery products are not just an ordinary pod, but a full-sized meeting room. With capacities ranging from 1-6 people, libraries can easily create ideal spaces to co-create, brainstorm, and have meetings.

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Reduced Distractions

Framery’s superior sound insulation and echo-free acoustics ensure a high-quality user experience that won't affect others, resulting in those inside - and outside - the pod having better focus.

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