Easy, Rapid Change in the Workplace

Sam Hect and Kim Colin, designers of Herman Miller's OE1 collection, created their line of modular furniture for easy, rapid change in the workplace. It’s a collection that’s ready for anything in an ever-evolving office landscape, and one they want you to have fun with.


Rapidly Change with Ease

OE1 is intended to work alongside other things that already exist without replacing an entire floor plate. OE1 allows teams to reconfigure offices themselves more rapidly, while previously they were beholden to a floorplan for at least a year - if not five. Change can be more rapidly played out with more ease and flexibility.


Agile for Small or Big Needs

OE1 is designed with "deliberate gradients of agility" that are relevant to each piece and the system as a whole. Moving a screen across the room takes a minute, desks with power can be moved in under an hour, and the entire office can be reconfigured using agile walls in a day. The workplace can easily change with its people and needs.


Intentionally Flexible

OE1 is a departure from how previous furniture has been designed and produced. The system intentionally allows flexible and agile work in different locations while growing and adapting to changing needs. Each piece, or the system as a whole, can be customized for an individual's or team's needs now and in the future.

Ready for an Easy, Rapid Change in the Workplace?

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