Eames Turned Stool

Charles and Ray Eames designed this stool to be a table or a perch. That ingenious versatility paired with its sculptural aesthetic and outstanding craftsmanship have made it a go-to in lobbies and living rooms around the world.

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Eames Turned Stool

Celebrate timeless craftsmanship with heirloom-worthy design. Discover the story behind decades-old pieces created by modern masters George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames.

A versatile heirloom, revitalized

Charles and Ray Eames designed this group of sculptural wood stools in 1960 in a number of shapes for the lobbies of the Time & Life Building at Rockefeller Center in New York City. This new shape—two compact cylinders separated by a graceful concave neck—is part of that original group.

Office Works Herman Miller Eames Turned Stool A versatile heirloom revitalized

New shape for timeless design

Every component of the Eames Turned Stool is individually carved to ensure each link and curve is crafted with the utmost care. This versatile stool is now available in a fourth shape - designed in 1960 but never manufactured - and new ebonized ash finish.

Eames Turned Stool
Office Works Herman Miller Eames Turned Stool New Shape for timeless design

Designed to be versatile

Deep enough to form a comfortable seat and shallow enough to balance a cup of coffee - that’s how Ray Eames described the depressions on the ends of this sculptural stool.

Eames Turned Stool
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Quintessentially Eames

“What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts,” Ray Eames once said. In true Eames fashion, Eames Turned Stool does all three. The design is quintessentially Eamesian in its systems approach. The ends are standard across all versions of the stool, while the midsection of each pedestal features a unique arrangement of curves and angles.

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