Design Within Reach

On a Mission to Create Authentic Accessible Furniture

Design Within Reach (DWR) was founded in 1998 with a mission to make authentic, modern furnishings accessible. Based in Stanford, Connecticut, DWR creates beautiful furniture for both residential and commercial spaces. With the world’s largest selection of heirloom quality designs, you are bound to find the perfect piece for your space.

Design within reach white chairs and white table home setting

The Staple Product Turned Extraordinary

Design Within Reach has anything needed to furnish a unique, modern space. Start with chairs that are a staple to any home or office, yet are extraordinary in design. From the need for mobility to sturdy support while sitting for long periods of time, DWR has a plethora of exclusive chairs to fit all needs and styles.

Design within reach hero desk and chair at home setting

Workplaces that Excite

Create a space that makes your job easier. Whether your workplace is in need of new conference tables or desks for dedicated employees, DWR takes the details into consideration when crafting the perfect desk or conference room table.

Design within reach storage open shelving

Beautiful Functionality

The office doesn’t have to be lined with harsh, metal file cabinets in order to feel neat and organized. DWR has storage solutions that provide functionality with aesthetically pleasing design. Store important documents while showing off office accolades with DWR’s diverse array of storage options.

Design within reach porch setting with chairs table and couch
Outdoor Furniture & Lighting

Modern Design Meets Nature

Quality design shouldn't be limited to indoor spaces. DWR has a full collection of stylish outdoor patio furniture and lighting solutions perfect for your outdoor space.

DWR From OfficeWorks

Beautiful Design Within Your Reach

As lines between work and home life continue to blur, DWR makes a continuous effort to provide furniture that turn the office into a destination. With over 20 years of experience in the residential landscape, DWR provides products with residential aesthetic without compromising contract quality. Complete your office with the authentic, modern, quality designs of Design Within Reach.

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