Returning to the Office

After working from home, transitioning to being back in the office can be a challenge, especially with so many unknowns. OfficeWorks has worked tirelessly to ensure your office is COVID-19 response ready. Feeling safe and healthy at work is crucial to the productivity, and more importantly well-being, of employees and clients alike. OfficeWorks’ COVID-19 products and design solutions provide businesses a safe path of return to their workplaces and peace of mind for their greatest asset, their employees.

COVID solutions social distancing desks

Solutions from OfficeWorks

OfficeWorks provides functional furniture that provides natural boundaries for safe physical distancing for your office. You won’t have to compromise quality with durable, flexible, and tasteful options to fit your space. You can find furniture that fits the culture of your space while playing an essential role in creating workplaces that help people feel safe, secure, and valued.

Hygiene and Sanitization

Keep all of your sanitizing and cleaning supplies in one place close to high-traffic areas. Wipe down copiers, door handles, and conference room tables with convenience and efficiency. Hygiene carts won't stand out like a sore thumb with options to fit the style and vibe of the office.

COVID solutions hygiene cart rendering
COVID solutions mobile sanitation cart
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Although it is not yet clear whether boundaries stop the spread of infection, they play an essential role in creating workplaces that help people feel safe, secure, and valued. In addition to practicing physical distancing in the workplace, it is just as important for employees to stay connected and effectively communicate. Boundaries are designed to encourage safe and effective communication in the workplace.

COVID solutions durable materials


Your office furniture needs to be durable and easy to clean to maintain a sanitary, safe environment for the office. Materials from wood to textiles to coated plastics are built to withstand effective, EPA-approved disinfectants. Know that you are effectively cleaning your space without compromising the long-term quality and aesthetics of your office furniture.

COVID solutions social distancing stand up desks

Adaptable & Flexible

Office furniture needs to stand the test of time. Your furniture needs today must accommodate social distancing, but distinct boundaries might not be needed in the future. Our furniture is adaptable and flexible to fit your needs now and for years to come.

Facilitate Safe Collaboration

During the new age of COVID-19, OfficeWorks has worked diligently to provide new, durable, and versatile products that ensure the safety and well-being of employees and clients. OfficeWorks has everything you need to accommodate the ever changing needs of your office promoting safe protocol, peace of mind, and functional work-spaces. Let us help facilitate safe collaboration in your office.

OfficeWorks Safe Office
Six Feet of Separation

10 Tips for Preparing to Return to Your Workplace

At OfficeWorks, we formed a Safe Office Team to lead our office reconfiguration efforts using the principles of design. While your organization’s approach should follow guidance from your local authorities and be based on your operations, we've provided some tips to consider based on our experience.

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