Microbecare application in high alpha conference room


Keep your employees & office safe from viruses and infections. It's Easy.

MicrobeCare is a unique, patented, EPA and FDA approved antimicrobial solution that protects against 99% of viruses, infections and mold in highly sensitive healthcare and office environments. Protection can last up to seven years through an easy and straightforward process.

How is MicrobeCare applied?

microbecare application high alpha office framery booth

MicrobeCare can be integrated into or applied to virtually any material or surface through an electrostatic spray technology. It’s odorless, colorless, non-transferable, continuously active and environmentally safe. It can be completed within one day.

But…How does it protect your surfaces for years?

When microbes come into contact with a surface protected with MicrobeCare, cell walls are destroyed. This disrupts the growth process, and the cells are unable to reproduce.

Use MicrobeCare to Make Your Space Safe

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